Zendaya & John David Washington Secretly Filmed A Movie In 15 Days During Quarantine

Zendaya & John David Washington Secretly Filmed A Movie In 15 Days During Quarantine

It looks like actors Zendaya and John David Washington found a way to keep working during the nationwide shutdown. They filmed an entire movie during quarantine, in 15 days all while following strict COVID-19 health regulations.

Zendaya, who was working on the 2nd season of HBO’s Euphoria when the COVID-19 pandemic caused production to be canceled, had the idea to contact the show’s creator, Sam Levinson, to ask if he could write and direct a movie during quarantine.  Within six days, Malcolm & Marie was born.

Sam Levinson said he needed an actor who could go toe-to-toe opposite the seasoned actress, and he kept hearing and seeing John David Washington, known for BlacKkKlansman and son of the iconic actor, Denzel Washington.

John David Washington, Denzel Washington


The film took place in Monterey, CA at Feldman Architecture’s Caterpillar House, nestled on 33 acres of land.  After consulting with unions and health officials, impressively, the entire crew and cast quarantined took multiple COVID-19 tests and quarantined two weeks before filming.  They worked together to film from June 17-July 2.

As reported by Deadline, productions taking place during this time must follow and enforce a lengthy list of strict guidelines.

Zendaya posted a still photo from the film on her Instagram, simply captioning:

Malcom & Marie


Producer Tyler Perry previously stated that he will follow strict protocols for resuming filming at his Tyler Perry Studios lot.  In an effort to get back to shooting, he will house his casts and crews of his shows on his 330-acre property.  Tyler Perry stated,

“Last week, I took 100 of my essential employees — including security guards and gardeners at the studio — and we did a test with a private lab. Thank God, out of the 100 essential workers, all tested negative. My goal is to find a path forward to protect both the health and the livelihoods of my cast and crew.”He continued:“It takes me 2 1/2 weeks to shoot a season of 22 episodes, and all of my shows are shot on the lot — we never leave the lot for anything anyway. So everything is already there.”

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Authored by: Robin Ayers