NoName Sparks Controversy Over Beyonce’s “Black Is King” After She Calls The Film “African Aesthetic Dripped In Capitalism”

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NoName Sparks Controversy About Beyonce’s “Black Is King” After She Calls The Film “African Aesthetic Dripped In Capitalism”

Beyonce’s “Black is King” film was released today (July 31), and her fans are celebrating the project as a powerful ode to blackness. However, outspoken rapper Noname set twitter on fire after she felt that the project was “african aesthetic dripped in capitalism”. While there were some social users that agreed with the Chicago rapper, some others felt like this was not the time for Noname to express her criticism. The 28 year old rapper took to her twitter page to write the following about Beyonce’s project,

“we love an african aesthetic draped in capitalism. hope we remember the blk folks on the continent whose daily lives are impacted by u.s imperialism. if we can uplift the imagery i hope we can uplift those who will never be able to access it. black liberation is a global struggle”

Noname then proceeded to retweet news about Zimbabwean author Tsitsi Dangarembga, who was arrested after she participated in the country’s protests due to alleged government corruption and an increasing economic crisis with inflation running at 700%.

The Chicago rapper also retweeted a fan’s tweet, detailing some of the struggles that civilians in Zimbabwe are facing right now,

“sis, they’re killing us in Zimbabwe. literally. the world is turning a blind eye to the blatant human rights abuses we’re facing every single day. our black lives clearly don’t matter”

The rapper validate’s the fan’s feelings, stating that she cares about the movement in Zimbabwe,

“they matter to me”

Many social media users gave mixed reactions to Noname’s “Black is King” criticism, see some of the reactions below.

Some social media users began saying that Noname was “obsessed” with Beyonce because of some comments the 28 year old made last month, where she wished that activist Angela Davis received as much love as the Houston native gets from her fans,

“I wish Angela got the love Beyonce gets.”

She then tweeted:

“It’s cool seeing all the Angela Davis threads denouncing the need for idol worship and highlighting how celebrity is a capitalist project which Dr. Davis is fundamentally against. big facts. I still wish the world stopped and listened when she spoke the way it does for others.”
Angela Davis is an American political activist and philosopher. She is well-known as a radical feminist and activist, a member of the Communist Party USA, and an affiliate of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Black Panther Party, while working as a professor at The University of California.
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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla