Bow Wow Lusts Over Singer DaniLeigh: A Woman Like This, I’ll Call My Jeweler So FAST!

Bow Wow, DaniLeigh

Bow Wow Lusts Over Singer DaniLeigh: A Woman Like This, I’ll Call My Jeweler So FAST!

Bow Wow might have found that special woman to make him settle down. On Sunday (Aug.2 ), the 33-year-old rapper expressed his interest in 26-year-old singer DaniLeigh. It started when she shared a message of herself that read,

I’m the best gf. I’m loyal, loving , motivating , a woman of God, a family girl, a freak, a woman of God, I’m funny, I’m jiggy, hardworking , I ain’t boring , b*tchhh I’m perfect.

He replied to her tweet:

I know i said I’d never get married. But let me tell you… a woman like this!!! BOY ill call my jeweler so FAST …

DaniLeigh was recently linked to Charlotte rapper DaBaby after they were suspected to be together following photos of what appeared to be them on the same balcony during quarantine.

DaBaby, DaniLeigh

When asked about the rumors during an interview, DaniLeigh played coy about rumors they were together and said,

“I mean, it is what it is. I know it comes with this life so I already know, you post something, people just gonna catch on I guess. It is what it is. I don’t really care.”

The Miami native then sparked breakup rumors after she posted a reflective message on social media. DaniLeigh said:

“… I wanna tell myself that this is a reset trip… what’s not for me God will not allow… what I give love to should equally give back .. I’m giving all my love to myself, God and to my family”

She continued:

“… I’m learning my mind.. cleansing my soul. and finding closure for myself. I’m Coming back home a new person.. new home, new car, and a new mind. I’m excited to see what God has in store for me. But I am also patient about it … The blessings I receive are all reminders to keep going and that God already has my life written out. Thank u for all the positive love but thank u for the hate as well… It’s helped me realize a lot and get stronger .. -Danileigh”

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