Kevin Hart Responds To Criticism After Defending Ellen + Addresses Speculation That He Did NOT Support Nick Cannon Publicly

Kevin Hart Responds To Criticism After Defending Ellen + Addresses Speculation That He Did NOT Support Nick Cannon Publicly

Kevin Hart recently found himself defending his actions when he took a stand for his good friend, daytime talk show host, Ellen Degeneres#ReplaceEllen began trending on social media after recent racism and sexual assault claims against members of her TV show staff.

Kevin Hart took to his Instagram (August 4) to defend his friend stating,

While over 1 million people liked the post in agreement with his stance, his decision to take a public stand in solidarity with Ellen still did stop the Jumanji actor from receiving backlash.

Kevin Hart

He posted a video addressing the backlash saying,

“Man, this social media sh*t is getting out of hand, dude. It is truly getting out of hand.  From showing support to a friend, you know, you get a f-ing roar of frustration from so many.  Calls, phone going off the f-ing hook. I’m a friend.  As a friend, if I have a friend in trouble, ever, I’ma do my best to try to be there for that friend.”

Hart continued,

“Then I hear people go, ‘Well what about Nick, that’s your f-ing friend.  Where were you for Nick?’ Because you didn’t see it, that means I wasn’t there for Nick?  Sad times we f-ing live in man. Nick was over my house every g*ddamn day when he went through hist sh*t. I was the one who called president of  the g*ddamn studios and reached out to so many to see what we can do to solve the situation, find a solution.”

Kevin Hart who’s had a long-standing professional and personal relationship with Nick Cannon was referring to Nick receiving backlash for his anti-semitic comments that he made on his podcast, which he later apologized for.

Nick Cannon

Hart continued on,

“Nick and myself talked, we vetted out the situation. That’s friends.  ‘Cause I was there for my friend, just like I’m gonna try my best to be there for all of them.”  

He asks,

“When did we lose sight of reality?  It’s a f* up time man. It’s a f* up time that we livin’ in.  People are forgetting how to be people.  People are programs. F*! When did we get here?  Praying.  Praying for a better place.  Praying for a f-ing better understanding, man. People go through sh*, it happens, it’s life. All I can say is that when they do if you’re on the side of that individual, your job is to try to be a support system.  2020.”

Kevin Hart isn’t the only one speaking out in favor of Ellen.  Actor/singer, Tyrese Gibson, posted about her as well.

Watch Kevin’s video below.

What are your thoughts on Kevin Hart addressing those against him defending Ellen and Nick Cannon?  Let us know below!

Authored by: Robin Ayers