Cardi B To Internet Trolls: People Make Up Lies About Me Everyday, Nobody Can Ever Make Me Quit

Cardi B

Cardi B To Internet Trolls: People Make Up Lies About Me Everyday; Nobody Can Ever Make Me Quit.

Cardi B born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, is opening up about her personal and professional life in the midst of prepping for her Sophomore album dishing on new music, Breonna Taylor’s death, rap beefs and politics.

Bernie Sanders, Cardi B

While Cardi B admits to being disappointed that Bernie Sanders dropped out of the Presidential race, she says that she’s committed to doing anything to make sure Joe Biden gets elected. She wants Trump out of office, describing him as an ineffective leader.

“Those people that he caters [to], he’s not going to do anything for them. It’s not like Republicans are getting better housing. It’s not like Republicans are getting better benefits. They’re not. He’s not doing anything for anybody. He’s just saying things that appease the same people. I want a president who makes me feel secure. I want a president who understands the pain of the people. I want a president who is going to give us answers.  That’s why I like [New York governor Andrew] Cuomo. I like him because he makes me feel like he’s listening to me.  You can vote for DAs. You can vote for mayors. You can vote for your district. Not everything is the president. You know what I’m saying?”

Breonna Taylor

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper recently became invested in the wrongful death of the 26-year-old Black EMT, Breonna Taylor who was fatally shot 8 times in her home by Louisville, Kentucky police officers.  Cardi says about her tragic death,

“That is so insane to me. [I saw] Breonna Taylor’s name everywhere, but I didn’t really know her story.  What they did to her is really f***ed up. Really f***ed up.  What’s the excuse? Why is the cop not in jail? Wasn’t what he did a crime? It’s a crime! And no apology. No apology. No video of the cop coming out crying, ‘I f***ed up. I don’t this. I don’t that.’ Nothing. It’s nothing. I don’t even know how her mom still holds her head up. Unbelievable.”

Cardi B has had several different times in her career, where the internet has tried to cancel her, including her recent resurfaced beef with fellow rapper Nicki Minaj, where she was accused of having a fake Instagram account, to say distasteful things about Nicki Minaj and other artists.  Cardi B says of seeing the hashtag #CardiBIsOver,

“I cannot believe 73 people are trying to cancel me over a lie. Can you imagine me having a fake Instagram account to talk shit about different artists that I don’t even think about? I’m 27 years old, you know what I’m saying? I’m 27 years old and I have big bills, big responsibilities, and a kid who’s on my ass a lot.”


If I don’t f***ing like somebody, I am going to let them know I don’t f***ing like them, or I don’t f*ck with them, or I’m not feeling their energy. I’m not going to make a fake Instagram trolling artists, talking shit about artists. Are you crazy?”

The rapper was also a hot topic, when she commented to one of her fans describing her two-year-old daughter Kulture’s eyes as “chinky.” The internet exploded slamming the rapper accusing her of using the racial slur.  A term that started in the late nineteenth century to describe the Asian people. Cardi B says that she never meant it as a slur,

“Never in my life, my 27 years, I never even knew that was a racial slur.  I was describing my husband’s and my sister’s eyes, and my daughter’s eyes…. I don’t even know how to describe their eyes anymore because that’s how I used to describe their eyes. I don’t even know the word. That they’re almond shaped? But it’s like, I never knew that. And for people to be like, ‘She’s using a racial slur. She’s disgusting.’ And it’s like, ‘Bro, I didn’t even know that was a racial slur…. I didn’t say it…with no bad ill intention.’?”

She says that the bullying online, still won’t make her to change or ever delete her account,

“It’s like I have a target on my back, but it’s not because of my music. Because I haven’t done music for eight months, and people still try to attack me.  I feel like people are attacking me because they want me to feel the pressure of bullying, and they want me to give up, and they want me to say, ‘Oh, I quit music’ or ‘I’ll delete my Instagram, delete my Twitter,’ and I’m not willing to do that. No one will ever have that much power [over] me.”

I don’t give a f*ck if people make up lies about me every single day. I want to make it really clear that nobody can ever make me quit.”

The former exotic dancer, has always been very candid about her former life in strip clubs, and adds that her being true to herself is what has always made her different from the club to music.

“I bring something different. I am me, and that’s how I’ve been since the club.  I know when I get on the stage, I don’t give a f*ck if the next b*tch, or the b*tch before me, was better than me. I know I’m going to get my coins. I know I’m bad because I’m different. I do different moves. I got a different bod. So, when these women are teasing everything, it’s expected. Don’t think that you’re going to have all the money in the strip club. Don’t think that every man is going to only give you the money. So don’t expect you to be the only one who’s going to hold number one on the Billboard [charts]. You’ve got to be confident in your own craft.”

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Authored by: Demi Lobo