Businessman Steve Stoute Doesn’t ‘Want Black People Voting for Kanye’

Steve Stoute, Kanye West

Businessman Steve Stoute Doesn’t ‘Want Black People Voting for Kanye’

American business mogul Steve Stoute has made it clear that he doesn’t want black people casting their vote for Kanye West in the upcoming presidential election. Steve Stoute is the founder and CEO of The Translation and the Managing Director and CEO of the natural hair care line Carol’s Daughter. He is also the founder of the United Masters music company. During a recent episode of The Boardroom: Out of Office podcast, Steve Stoute shared his personal views on presidential hopeful Kanye West.

“I don’t want Black people voting for Kanye West. I don’t want anybody Black running around voting for Kanye West.”

The 50-year-old businessman continued,

“If you’re gonna vote for Donald Trump and you choose Kanye West instead of Donald Trump, great. That will help the Biden campaign. But I don’t want Black people who were thinking about voting for Biden, voting for Kanye West, in the markets, in the areas that he’s registered as a candidate. That’s going to hurt us.”

As previously reported, Kanye West is trying to get on as many state ballots as possible before Election Day this November. Even though Kanye West has failed to make it onto the ballots in certain states, including both Wyoming and Missouri, he recently shared a tweet showing gratitude for the states where he will be on the ballot.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel