Niecy Nash Isn’t ‘Coming Out’ & Says She Wasn’t Suppressing Her Sexuality Her Whole Life: My Marriage Has Nothing To Do With Gender

 Niecy Nash Isn’t ‘Coming Out’: My Marriage Has Nothing To Do With Gender, I Was Not Suppressing My Sexuality My Whole Life

Niecy Nash surprised a lot of people when she announced her marriage to singer-songwriter, Jessica Betts, but the Claws actress “couldn’t be happier,” she says.

After two marriages, the latter ending in March 2019, Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts announced their relationship via wedding photos on their respective Instagram pages.  Despite her fans thinking that she “came out” as a gay woman, Niecy Nash says,

“I was not suppressing my sexuality my whole life. I love who I love. At one point in my life, I married twice and I love those people. And today I love this person. I’ve done everything I wanted to do on my own terms and my own way. So my choice now in a partner has nothing to do with who I’ve always been. It’s a matter of who I am in this moment.”

While fans of Jessica Betts know her as a singer with a beautiful voice, Niecy Nash expresses,

“She is the most beautiful soul I have ever met in my life.”

Jessica Betts

The newlywed couple met in 2015 on social media and were friends for years, according to Niecy.  In fact, she says,

“I loved her before I was in love with her because she is such a special human being.”

It wasn’t until after her divorce to Jay Tucker that

“We began to see each other in a way we never had before. Sometimes you get so broken by love, you run from it. But I’ve learned that you should always hold space for magic because it can happen at any time.”

Their wedding took place on Aug. 29 in their Ventura County home with 24 of their closest family and friends present.

As of now, the two are celebrating their honey moon in Santa Barbara where Niecy admits

“I’ve got my feet up, I’m looking at the ocean and I’ve got the greatest love of my life in my peripheral.”

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Authored by: Robin Ayers