Tina Lawson Shares Meme That Salutes Beyonce: B**** Please, I Made Beyonce!

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Tina Lawson Shares Meme That Salutes Beyonce: B**** Please, I Made Beyonce!

Tina Lawson is no stranger when it comes to acknowledging the talent of her daughter Beyonce. The 66-year-old entrepreneur and philanthropist posted a meme on Instagram showing a picture of Facebook Co-Founder/Chairman, Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, and the late Steve Jobs who was the CEO and Co-founder of Apple. The meme includes a quote by each of their names and references the mega companies that they founded.

The meme also displays a picture of Tina Lawson with a caption, “B**ch please I made Beyonce”. Tina Lawson had this to say,

“This is the Third time someone sent this to me ! So I am posting it…it has new meaning for me because Richard and I got to meet Jack Dorsey who made TWITTER and he is really pretty amazing ! Great generous heart ! He epitomizes one of my favorite scripture “ To those much is given much is required “ He steps up to the plate”


Just last month, Beyonce and Jay-Z were reportedly seen vacationing in the Hamptons with Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey. Alongside the power couple and the technology entrepreneur, was  Blue Ivy, and three-year-old twins Rumi and Sir Carter, plus other family members and guests.

Still, Lawson is no stranger to showing love to and defending Beyonce. She shared a message for the “Brown Skin Girl” singer on Beyonce’s birthday earlier this month.

She wrote:

“Happy Birthday to my forever little girl ( in my head) from your biggest fan since your birth!! You have brought me soo much joy and have poured into me so much love and confidence . ( yes confidence ,at my lowest points you Solange , Kelly. And Angie booted me up and helped me remember my power) !! I am so lucky to have you in my life. Keep being a light to so many and a warrior that keeps it moving forward even when some people don’t get you , some get it now , and some oh well !!! it takes them a lot longer but maybe they’ll get it next year. Some are slower than others! … Happy Birthday Baby !!!”


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Authored by: Monique Nicole