DaBaby’s Lawyer Says Nearby Gunfire Had Nothing To Do W/ Rapper’s Video Shoot

DaBaby’s Lawyer Says Nearby Gunfire Had Nothing To Do W/ Rapper’s Video Shoot

Update #2 (Oct. 5th): A lawyer for Da Baby has spoken out and said the rapper’s video shoot had nothing to do with shots being fired nearby.

While the incident happened close to Da Baby’s music video shoot in Charlotte, North Carolina over the weekend, his lawyer set the record straight and said the two were completely isolated incidents.

His attorney told TMZ that Da Baby

“sends his heartfelt prayers to anyone injured or otherwise adversely affected as a result of this shooting.”

Original Story (Oct. 4th): What was supposed to be a video shoot for rapper and hip hop artist Da Baby  (real name Johnathan Lyndale Kirk), turned into a scary event where dozens were reportedly running from bullets.

Da Baby on set of his video shoot in North Carolina. Reportedly, a shooting took place after this clip was taken.

Posted by The Jasmine BRAND on Sunday, October 4, 2020

According to reports and a video, on Saturday October 3rd shots were fired at the North Carolina location where the 28-year-old rapper’s was shooting a music video. Videos from the incident showed several cars drive up to the area. Shortly after the sounds of gunfire fill the air. In the footage, people can be seen scrambling to get away from the sounds of gunshots.

According to WBTV, two people were seriously injured.

According to multiple reports, a shooting took place at Da Baby’s video shoot in North Carolina.

Posted by The Jasmine BRAND on Sunday, October 4, 2020

Users on social media confirmed at least one of the victims was a woman.

Da Baby spoke about the shooting via Instagram in a post, saying:

I wasn’t there for the “shootout” I’m hearing bout?????

I do got a new video on the way tho?

Hours before the alleged shooting occurred, the rapper posted videos on his Instagram account showing his surroundings with his young son nearby. Social media users speculated that the shooters were able to find out the rapper’s location because of the video. This event marks a series of trouble for the rapper. He’s currently being sued for assaulting a hotel employee  and in the past he was involved in a 2019 fatal Walmart shooting where he was found not at fault.

He’s also made headlines for his past former relationships with singer Dani Leigh.

DaniLeigh, DaBaby

The rapper also made an appearance in the hot shower video with artist Chance the Rapper.

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Authored by: Toi Monèt Creel