K.Michelle Says Her Grandma Had A Stroke, She Constantly Gets Hate Mail & Is Being Blackmailed By A Woman: Someone Is Telling Me My Husband Is Cheating


K. Michelle Posts Series Of Tweets Mentions Husband Cheating, Mental Health  ‘I Just Can’t Do It Anymore”

Artist/Singer K. Michelle (real name Kimberly Michelle Pate) rose to fame for her sultry singing voice and heartbreak ballads. Now K. Michelle is causing some heads to turn after posting some concerning tweets on Saturday, October 11 surrounding her mental health and social life.


K.Michelle started off tweeting:

She later continued:

Her remaining tweets involved a alleged blackmail plot for her ‘husband’ Dr. Kaston Williams allegedly cheating, receiving hate mail, and her saying:

“I just want it to be over”


Though often referring to longtime boyfriend Dr. Kastan Sims as her “husband”, the two have not had a confirmed marriage.

She tweeted:

“I got a girl in dm black mailing me4money telling me my husband is cheating on me,he’s mad @ me for talking 2her,my grandma just had a stroke,I got people trying 2stop my career,I have people making fun of my surgery&health,I have a random dude I never slept with lying on me”




A few hours before she posted the series of tweets she posted on her Instagram and Twitter Accounts about World Mental Health Day.

“You never know what a person is going through, sometimes the strongest person in the world in suffering the most in private. Watch how you treat people. To the millions of people all around the suffering from mental illness you are not alone ??”

She also had a positive post about her life just hours before the onslaught of tweets saying she wanted it to be over.


K. Michelle has been vocal about the many ups and downs she’s faced. From trying to conceive a child (she’s undergone IVF), body reconstruction surgery in removing implants  and a very public feud with Tamar Braxton and her former boyfriend David Adefeso, the artist has been in several public incidents throughout the year.

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Authored by: Toi Monèt Creel