EXCLUSIVE: Consequence Gives An Update On Kanye West’s “Donda” Album

Kanye West, Consequence

EXCLUSIVE: Consequence Gives An Update On Kanye West’s “Donda” Album, ‘We Make That Fire, Especially When Tt’s Me And Kanye Together’

Consequence reveals that he is currently working with Kanye West on an upcoming album titled “Donda”. The rapper and former Love And Hip-Hop star exclusively shared with theJasmineBRAND that the two have been working on the album and that it is fire. When asked about the album, he said:

“I’d rather you hear it than me try to throw lighter fluid on it , but come on. If we don’t do nothing else we make that fire — We make that fire, especially when it’s me and Kanye together you know what I’m saying. That speaks volumes. You can check the resume, you can check the catalog. Every time that we are involved musically, we’re gonna score and this would be no exception.”

Kanye West, Consequence

Consequence was then asked if we could expect the album “Donda” this year. He replied,

“That’s a Kanye decision. Whenever he’s ready. That’s on him to do but ya know, we’re not stopping and we’re only gonna get harder, I promise.”


Kanye West and Consequence have a friendship that spans almost 20 years. Consequence has played a part in Kanye’s career and has helped worked on hit albums like ‘808 and Heartbeats’, ‘College Dropout’ and ‘Graduation’. Consequence exclusively told theJasmineBRAND that he and Kanye West were at odds but have since gotten their relationship back on track.

“We’ve had a a friendship and a brotherhood that’s endured since 2002… so we going on 18,19, 20 years of rocking. We had a time when when we weren’t seeing eye to eye and we fell out and we patched that up. We love each other like brothers, I love him, I love his wife and their children and their family. They’ve treated my son like like a blood relative and anything that he needs from me no matter what I’m there for him.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole