EXCLUSIVE: Love & Hip Hop Miami’s Sukihana On Balancing Motherhood – You Can Chase Your Dreams And Be A Mom! 


EXCLUSIVE: Love & Hip Hop Miami’s Sukihana On Balancing Motherhood – You Can Chase Your Dreams And Be A Mom!

Rapper Sukihana (real name Destiny Henderson)  from Love and Hip Hop Miami is a rising star on reality tv, but also in the music scene. She gained popularity for her vivacious personality on Instagram and her viral songs “5 Foot Freestyle”  and  “Drug Dealer” featuring Cuban Doll.

While being a popular artist, she also juggles being a mother of three. When asked in an exclusive interview with The Jasmine Brand about how she balances being a rising celebrity and a mom she gave some insight explaining:

“People think it’s hard because that’s what they instill into people. [That] It’s hard to be a successful mom.  They don’t want you to be a successful mom they just want you to be normal. Me doing it. It’s not hard. That’s what I always tell my fans.  You can chase your dreams and be a mom. It’s ok. You can take care of kids and still become something. If you don’t want to just be a mom and a housewife you don’t have to do that.”
She also talked about the importance of hard work and surrounding yourself with a solid support system.
“Success is about manifestation. It’s about working hard and working smart and not doubting yourself and if you ever feel like you doubting yourself you’re around the wrong circle because I don’t get to doubt myself. I’m around a circle of people who every day make me believe in myself even when I don’t. So guess what? If you feel like you can’t do it you might want to change your surroundings, but it’s possible.”
Sukihana‘s lyrics are explicit and her subject matter sexual, following in the footsteps of Miami great Trina. Since stardom is new to the artist, when asked if her kids vibe to her music, she said absolutely not.
“There’s no point and no reason that your child should be listening to Lil Kim’s album when she’s talking about sucking d***. That’s my thing people need to understand I’m a mom, but I still balance it out. My children are children. They don’t listen to my music one day they will and I’ll explain it to them while they’re in college tuition paid for, as much hard work that I put in.”
As far as haters, Sukihian says she won’t be mom-shamed because of her lyrics or field of choice.
“Nobody’s gonna make me feel bad for doing what I do to get these bills paid because in this system they only setting it up where you can work for somebody.  And guess what – you go home and you pay for that daycare and you pay for that rent and you put food in that fridge and you pay for that electric, that car insurance and that car note there’s no money for you to elevate.”
She finished by saying :
“You have to change your mindset and once you change your mindset you understand that, ‘Listen i don’t want to live like this [and] I have to do what I got to do and I don’t care what none of y’all say, because i don’t want my children to grow up like how I grew up.”
Recently Sukhianan got engaged via Instagram Live to her boyfriend Bill. She posted an Instagram video  flashing her ring recently with her daughter and the caption
“Black Love conquers all”

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Authored by: Toi Monèt Creel