Meek Mill Says 50% Of Cops In Black Neighborhoods Should Be Black

Meek Mill

Meek Mill Says 50% Of Cops In Black Neighborhoods Should Be Black

Rapper Meek Mill took to his Twitter to express his dissatisfaction with the demographics of police officers in his neighborhood. The rapper wrote,

“We need 50% blacks cops in the neighborhoods of blacks as a order! It’s hard to do because they gave us so many charges and felonies we not eligle … WE CAN HOUSE OUR OWNSELVES! You have racist people raging a silent war against us though law!!!”

Meek Mill continued to discuss having black cops but feeling that most of them are not in positions of power,

“It’s like the slave mentality, hire a few blacks,don’t give them enough power and put them against their own.. like the old slave movies! I witnessed black cops stand silent while white cops beat me, more than once I kinda lost faith in them early #selfhate”

Meek Mill then posed a question to politicians asking why most of the police officers in his neighborhood are white,

“Like 90% of the officers in my hood are white cops…. can a smart politician give me a honest answer why????? I wanna know the answer b4 I vote!”

The rapper then responded to a user that claimed that most black and brown people are just not joining the police force. Meek stated,

“No because they labeled most of us as felons and set laws aimed towards black and brown so even if we wanted too we wouldn’t be eligible,from slavery..segregation to mass incarceration we never recovered!!!”

Meek has been very vocal about his experiences with the police, even revealing his own encounter with a police officer assaulting him when he was younger.

“Mom my took this pic and filed it with internal affairs, nothing happened! I been a rebel since!!! #georgefloyd I got charges for breaking one of the cops hands also like he didn’t break his hand on my face!”

What are your thoughts on Meek Mill’s request for at least half of the police officers in black neighborhoods to be black? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla