Mariah Huq Reportedly Sues Bravo For Discrimination

Mariah Huq

Mariah Huq Reportedly Sues Bravo For Discrimination

Mariah Huq isn’t taking her departure with Bravo lightly and has reportedly decided to sue the network.

The now-former “Married To Medicine” star previously told theJasmineBRAND in an exclusive interview that she never received a contract for the upcoming 8th season, despite serving as a creator for the show. She added:

“I am a little taken aback. I do believe that I have not been treated the way my counterparts have and all I wanted is just to be treated equally and I just want equal rights as my white male counterparts. Hell, I just want to be respected and treated decently as a cast member I don’t even get that. I’m treated worse and they did it in front of the world.”

She also alluded to taking legal action.

Now, it looks like she’s done it.

According to All About The Teashe filed a discrimination and intellectual property lawsuit against  NBC/Bravo/Fremantle and Purveyors of Pop on Jan. 5th.

Mariah Huq alleged that the defendants stole her concept for the popular Bravo reality show without paying her royalties or crediting her for subsequent spinoffs. She reportedly claimed in court documents that

 “the defendants acted illegally and unethically which includes but is not limited to – 1) unauthorized exploitation of “Married To Medicine” & Married To Medicine the Series, 2) Breach of Contract, 3) Breach of joint Venture Agreement, 4) breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, 5) failure to prevent retaliation and harassment.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson