Larry King’s Widow Shawn King Reveals His Cause Of Death, Says He Didn’t Die Of COVID-19

Shawn King and Larry King

Larry King’s Widow Shawn King Reveals His Cause Of Death, Says He Didn’t Die Of COVID-19

Update #2 (Jan. 29th): Larry King’s widow, Shawn King, has opened up about the legendary journalist’s passing. Despite speculation, he did not die of COVID-19, even though he battled the condition just ahead of his death.

She told Entertainment Tonight:

“It was an infection, it was sepsis. Well, he was finally ready to go, I will tell you that. You know, he never wanted to go, but his sweet little body was just — it had just been hit so many times with so many things and once we heard the word COVID, all of our hearts just sunk.”

Larry and Shawn King

She continued,

“But he beat it, you know, he beat it, but it did take its toll and then the unrelated infection finally is what took him, but boy, he was not gonna go down easily.”

Shawn King, along with the two sons she shared with Larry King, Chance, 21, and Cannon, 20, held a private funeral earlier this week. She added,

“We all, it was just family, we wore Larry’s suspenders, every one of us. And it was a beautiful, loving … just perfect, just perfect. It was family. There was no showbiz, no, none of that.”

Larry King also had son, Larry King, Jr., 59. Unfortunately, two of his children, daughter Chaia, 51, and son Andy, 65, passed away in 2020, just weeks after one another.

Larry King Jr., Cannon King, Chance King, Andy King, Chaia King, and Larry King

Shawn King continued,

“In my heart, I didn’t think it was really going to happen and it never did. We were partners in every sense of the way, in business, and in, well, first in our family and then in business. But we’re a close family.”

She said his final words to her were,

 “I love you, take care of the boys.”

She went on to say,

“I believe he’s still around us and I can feel him. I can very, very distinctly feel him around me and around us. And he used to always, you probably have 30 different soundbites of him saying, ‘I pinch myself every day. I can’t believe this is my life.'”

“And he really, really did. So all of these beautiful tributes, you know, I’m sure he’s thrilled, and the family, we’re all just so happy and so proud of him for all the wonderful things that he did. He did a lot.”

Original Story (Jan. 23rd): Very sad news. Television and radio host Larry King has died at age 87, according to sources close to the celebrity.

According to King’s official Twitter page, the 87-year-old passed away early Saturday morning at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

He was hospitalized earlier this year.

Authored by: Kellie Williams