Beyonce’s Cousin, Rapper Martell ‘Kardone’ DeRouen Fatally Shot In His Texas Apartment [CONDOLENCES]

Beyonce’s Cousin, Rapper Martell ‘Kardone’ DeRouen Fatally Shot In His Texas Apartment [CONDOLENCES]

San Antonio rapper Martell ‘Kardone’ DeRouen, was shot and killed in his apartment earlier this week, according to reports.

Authorities found DeRouen’s body while performing a welfare check Tuesday (Jan. 26th). An individual, who has not been identified, asked police to conduct the search after not hearing from him for several days. He was 34.

Police have named aspiring singer and rapper Sasha Skare, as a suspect, and issued a warrant for her arrest. Skare was previously charged in connection to the fatal shooting of her boyfriend in 2019.

DeRouen’s widow, Joia, said in a statement:

“There is no way to replace him but please help us find this girl. She is dangerous and I do believe she will kill again. If you see her please contact the police. He didn’t deserve this.”

She requested privacy as she tries “to digest this senseless act.”

DeRouen is reportedly related to Beyonce through her mother Tina Lawson’s mother, Agnéz Deréon. 

He was said to have been trying to build a career on his own and outside of the famous family. His Spotify bio reads,

“in the last few years, he’s changed that narrative with his own musical pursuits.”

The owner of Fyngermade Studio, Brian Mitchell told San Antonio’s KSAT,

“That’s not even something he would even mention to people. We’d just have to put in his bios because it’s just, it’s worthy to put it in there, but he doesn’t like stuff like that. He was a real subtle dude, quiet.”

Mitchell also questioned why anyone would want to harm the late rapper.

“It’s like hurting a butterfly.”

Condolences and prayers to DeRouen’s family and loved ones.

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