Michelle Obama Shut Down Jimmy Kimmel’s Question About Her Sex Life With Barack Obama

Michelle Obama Shut Down Jimmy Kimmel’s Question About Her Sex Life With Barack Obama

Michelle Obama has never been one to bite her tongue or shy away from her true feelings. Recently the former first lady had to shut down Jimmy Kimmel for asking her invasive questions about her sex life. While on Jimmy Kimmel Live the popular late-night talk show host asked Michelle Obama if she made love with her husband the night SEAL Team Six took out Osama Bin Laden to celebrate. Michelle Obama seemingly refused to answer Jimmy Kimmel’s question while accusing him of being obsessed with her sex life. She replied,

“You know, I have to tell your audience that — for some very sick reason — you are very obsessed with this portion of that major historical event.”

She continued,

“No one else — no one, in the history of all of the conversations I’ve had — has ever drilled down on this particular point like you, Jimmy Kimmel.”

The mother of 2 jokingly added,

“So I turn that back on you.”

“You’re still that little boy in your bedroom, under the cover with the flashlight, going, ‘I hope nobody sees me,'”

Michelle then wrapped up her answer and said,

“I’m still pleading the fifth on that one.”

This isn’t the first time Jimmy Kimmel has asked Michelle Obama that controversial question. As he mentioned during their chat together, he tried to get her to answer the same question a few years ago when he interviewed her during her book tour. He’s also asked Barack Obama the exact same question during a Jimmy Kimmel Live interview that took place last November. Just like his wife, Barack Obama seemingly dodged the question and said,

“I suspect that she was asleep. The truth of the matter is, most of the time, by the time I was done working, she’d be snoozing.”

Michelle and Barack Obama

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel