Loni Love Says Tyler Perry Caught Her Taking Photos In His Home [WATCH]

Loni Love Says Tyler Perry Caught Her Taking Photos In His Home [WATCH]

Loni Love has no shame in being authentically herself, even it means breaking Tyler Perry’s house rule.

The comedian and co-host of The Real candidly shared a story with E!’s Nightly Pop host Nina Parker Thursday night (April 15th).

Nina Parker asked guests Loni Love and actress Kym Whitley, 

“Have you guys ever done this in somebody’s house when you were nosy and got caught?”

Loni Love recalls,

“I went to Tyler Perry’s house. He told me don’t take pictures but I was so excited!” 

Kym Whitley co-signs and says,

“I was there with you, remember that? I remember you doing that. She didn’t care! She was like, ‘click, click.’ Send me some of the pictures!”

Loni adds,

“I was like, looking all around. I said, ‘Tyler ain’t nowhere around, I’m going to sneak this little picture.’ Childish Gambino was performing so I was like, ‘I just want like one memory.'”

Unfortunately for her, Tyler Perry spotted her with her phone and swatted it away before she could take a picture.

Nina Parker jokes,

“Why were you so slow? You got to keep the camera in your cleavage and do a little secret. We all got enough to do that!” 


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Loni is no stranger to telling stories about other celebrities. She recently said Nicki Minaj was an hour late to an appearance on “The Real” and had a demand for her and her crew to be provided with chicken.

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Authored by: Char Patterson