Remy Ma Will Not Be Replacing Angela Yee On The Breakfast Club Amid Speculation

Remy Ma Will Not Be Replacing Angela Yee On The Breakfast Club Amid Speculation


Charlamagne Tha God is shutting down the rumors that Remy Ma will be replacing Angela Yee on The Breakfast Club.

During a recent interview on The Breakfast Club, Top Dog Entertainment signee, Doechii grilled co hosts, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy on Angela Yee’s departure from their hit radio show.

In the interview, Doechii asked, “So where’s Angela?” DJ Envy replied,

“She’s not here, she’s actually in Chicago,”

to which Doechii asked why the long-time co-host is leaving the show.

Both Charlamagne and Envy said,

“She got her own show.”

Angela Yee, The Breakfast Club

Doechii then asked with a smile,

“Why did she get her own show? What did you guys do?” 

Charlamagne replied,

“Nothing! She got her own show, she comes on right after us [so] it’s like a spin-off of The Breakfast Club.”

Doechii proceeded to grill the men even more by asking them how do they feel about Angela Yee’s departure overall.

Charlamagne said,

“I don’t think I’m happy or sad but I do realize that we built something really really really great together.”

DJ Envy admitted that he was sad about the new change being that the trio worked together for almost 13 years.

Charlamagne added,

“I haven’t unpacked it yet, but I don’t—sad isn’t what I feel. But I do feel something.. I’m happy for her but I’m happy for the culture of radio as well, because I feel her being in the midday brings more personality to radio, and we get the opportunity to bring in some new talent.”


The “persuasive” singer then said that she heard a rumor that Remy Ma will be filling Yee’s shoes, which the two co-hosts quickly shot down.

Charlamagne confirmed,

“No, that’s not true… Just a random rumor.”

See clip below:

As previously reportedAngela Yee announced on August 10 that she’s stepping away from The Breakfast Club to head her own nationally syndicated show, Way Up With Angela Yee. While she will likely have a hand in the decision process, the long-time radio host said that ultimately, it’s up to Charlamagne and DJ Envy to decide who will replace her. Yee said,

“I mean obviously it’s for them to decide, and I’ll be there until they decide, and maybe I’ll be there helping while they audition people. But I think nothing is going to be set and stone until they feel the chemistry.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole