DaBaby Faces Backlash For Mocking Flight Attendant’s Hair


DaBaby Faces Backlash For Mocking Flight Attendant’s Hair

DaBaby had plenty of jokes about a flight attendant’s hair, but it only resulted in lots of fans slamming him for mocking her.

The rapper shared a clip on his social media while on a flight. In the video he said,

“We just gon’ nip this in the bud. If we gon’ pay all that for that flight you gon’ comb your head… That’s the least you could do n***a. Bottom line.”

DaBaby added the caption,

“We ain’t finna act like she ain’t just jump outta bed”

It didn’t take long for fans to criticize DaBaby for making fun of her.

The moment comes as he faces a lawsuit from a homeowner who tried to get DaBaby from filming a music video on his property.

Gary Pagar, who owns a vacation rental home in Runyon Canyon filed the lawsuit after the alleged December 2020 incident.

He said in court documents, according to Variety, that the rental property had a rule that no more than 12 people could be present due to COVID-19. He accused DaBaby of having roughly 40 people with him for the video shoot. He said he tried to stop the shoot but was allegedly pushed to the ground. While he said he doesn’t know who got physical with him first, he claims DaBaby got out of a car (that he was allegedly sitting in with YouTuber Jake Paul) and chased Pagar into his home.

Jake Paul

He then allegedly told him not to call the police before punching him in the mouth. Pagar said the rapper allegedly knocked out a tooth. He added that he was also spat on and teased as his phone was thrown back and forth.

An individual on the property called the police, causing DaBaby and his entourage to leave the property. But Pagar said they took his phone and “valuable kitchenware” with them. He also accused them of causing thousands of dollars in damage and only paying a part of their rental fee.

Pagar said DaBaby and his friends allegedly damaged a security camera in an effort to hide the number of guests they had on the property. The lease also bans the property from being utilized for any commercial use.

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