Dave Chappelle Says He Wants To Move To Africa

Dave Chappelle Says He Wants To Move To Africa

Could Dave Chappelle be packing up and leaving for Africa?

On a recent episode of Naomi Campbell‘s podcast, No Filter With NaomiDave Chappelle announced that Stevie Wonder inspired him to consider relocating to Africa.

In his candid conversation with Naomi CampbellDave Chappelle claimed that immediately following his 40th birthday, he had somewhat of an epiphany regarding what he wants out of life, saying:

“I want to build something that will last beyond me.”

This revelation set the tone for a follow-up question by Naomi Campbell:

“Where do you want to go now in 2021? Where do you want your reach to go?”

In response, Dave Chappelle explained:

“Stevie Wonder said in the press recently that he wanted to move to Ghana. Now those of us in the room that know Stevie personally, he’s said this thing many times through the years that we’ve known him. But this last time he said it, what he said is he said ‘I’m moving to Ghana so that I can be valued and respected more.’ That’s almost exactly the phrasing he used. And you’ve got to think: as a Black American, who amongst us is more valued or respected than Stevie Wonder?”

He continued,

“The idea that he would feel this way, at this stage in his life and in his career. He goes on to say ‘I would do this for my grandchildren so that they [wouldn’t] have to worry about that’–which is a very ominous thing to say because, clearly, this is going to last for the foreseeable future. And to see him decide to make that move, I wanted to go.”

Further explaining his rationale, Dave Chappelle continues with:

“[Stevie Wonder] is the soul of American culture, and if the soul leaves the body, then this thing is dead. And I go ‘I’ll follow him over there–or I’ll go myself. I’ll do it for him.'”

Naomi Campbell was highly supportive of Chappelle‘s endeavor, even connecting him with David Adjaye, a skilled architect from Ghana, and encouraging him to visit the entire African continent.

Chappelle also touches on business-related points of his prospective move, acknowledging his aspiration of opening a comedy club in Ghana, as well the fact that Netflix and sales data indicate he is popular among African-based audiences.

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Authored by: Nick Alexander Fenley