EXCLUSIVE: Toya Bush-Harris Reveals She’s Selling Her Dream House, Addresses Quad Webb-Lunceford’s Criticism + Says She Hasn’t Spoken To Mariah Huq Since Last Reunion

EXCLUSIVE: Toya Bush-Harris Reveals She’s Selling Her Dream House, Addresses Quad Webb-Lunceford’s Criticism + Says She Hasn’t Spoken To Mariah Huq Since Last Reunion

From rumors that her dream home is for sale to addressing speculation that he had “beg, borrow and steal” to get it, Married To Medicine star Toya Bush-Harris isn’t holding back in an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND. She also spoke on taking her sons out of private school and putting them in a more diverse one, and how she and her husband Dr. Eugene Harris are doing after they hit a rough patch during COVID-19.

This season, fans saw Toya Bush-Harris enjoy her new neighborhood as she and her husband Eugene Harris lived in the dream home they built last season.

But with the new location came a new school for their sons and changes that the couple wasn’t a fan of. Ultimately, Toya Bush-Harris transferred their sons to a different school for a better experience as black children. She explained the decision to us and said,

“I had to learn that the hard way. I actually thought they were in a good place, but, you know, some of the things that I started hearing them say, and just watching. I’m a very intuitive parent, and I’m actually really involved in the school. And me and [my husband] Eugene started trying to volunteer, and we started seeing that they weren’t calling us back and you know, like on Grandparents Day, or you know, to just participate in some of the school activities. We were like ‘Why not us? What’s wrong with us?”

She continued and said before switching schools, she saw a change in her children that she didn’t like.

My son, even using the word on the episode – gang. ‘I had a gang.’ [I was like] What? My son doesn’t use words like that. We noticed a difference in our sons. The way they played even. It wasn’t my boys. And now they’re back to normal. My boys went from being kids that loved Legos, you know, the nice, fun activities. I didn’t want them to grow up too fast. Now they’re back to normal, wholesome kids that enjoy going outside, playing with their skateboard, riding their bikes, being in the pool with Mommy. We crack jokes and it’s fun times. I want to see them maintain being young, youthful kids, nine and eleven for as long as they can.”

Toya Bush-Harris, Eugene Harris, and their sons

She said she “noticed” the changes when her sons were learning from home and quarantined.

“When me and Eugene were starting to work on doing the work with them, we were like ‘This is your school work? What is this?’ Then when we were sending the work back, we weren’t getting any graded work. We were like ‘Okay, this isn’t right.’ Then we started reaching out to a lot of our friends at their old school and they were saying ‘No Toya, our kids are in school from 8 to 3.’ We were like ‘What? Well our kids are in school from 8 to 11.’ Some of that, even the education… we were like ‘Okay this isn’t right. We’re still paying full tution.’ So a lot of things just was not adding up. Not just the diversity aspect but also on the education portion of it. We were just like ‘we’re over it.’And I went to work on making sure they were in a better environment that suited us financially but also for them to have better surroundings as far as friends.”

She added that considering the diverse school in Buckhead they came from, she was upset to see that at their new school, her sons were the only black boys in their grade, with the exception of one other boy.

“Get outta here. I was like ‘Are you crazy? Not even another black teacher?’ That doesn’t make any sense that you don’t even hire a black teacher. I couldn’t explain that to my children because they didn’t come from that type of environment… They couldn’t explain it… That was the difference. You can have black students if you hire black teachers because then their children will go to the school, but that wasn’t there…”

Toya Bush-Harris, Eugene Harris

Viewers also saw Toya and Eugene navigate through COVID-19 together as he worked long hours in a local hospital.

“Now it’s a little better. Back then… He was at a place where he was the director for two hospitals. He was running both hospitals and when I tell you his phone, text messages, everything was off the hook. They were calling him because they didn’t know anything. They didn’t how to protect themselves in the hospital, they didn’t know how they were gonna deal with what was going on as it relates to COVID, how they were gonna maintain the people that were coming in sick with COVID. They didn’t know anything.”

She added,

“If they weren’t at work, they were still talking about what they were gonna do when they get to work. He was so tired… We couldn’t even sit down and watch a movie without him being on his iPad. I was sitting there trying to be the happy wife, trying to be the supportive wife. But I was lonely. I was at a place where I was like ‘Okay, I’ve been with the kids for 12 hours? I just want some adult time!’ And they laugh at me ’cause I’m siting here using kid lingo on TV but I’m like I’ve been talking to kids all day for 12 hours!”

She went on to say,

“It wasn’t to say that I wasn’t sympathetic, it was just that I was like, you know you miss your husband. Me and my husband we’re very tight. We have a really tight bond. He’s like my best friend. So I was like ‘Where’s my best friend? Where’s my husband that I can talk to about anything, you know, have a cocktail with and kick back and get in our pool. I wanted that life back. I wanted my fun times back with my husband, cause we didn’t have it anymore with anyone else.”

While she and Eugene Harris moved into their dream home last season, Toya confirmed speculation that the home is now up for sale.

“Yeah, girl! You wanna see the ‘For Sale’ sign?”

She explained,

“I don’t put final on anything. Death is final. There’s nothing final in life. What happens if I become a billionaire? Then what? My dream house is gonna look a lot different. It’s not to say that I wouldn’t rebuild this house better. I believe that this square footage on this house is our square footage. This is a great square footage for us and our family. But could I do this better? Absolutely. Could I do it with a better builder? Absolutely. Could I do it in a better neighborhood? Absolutely. I feel like right now, this neighborhood is popping. These houses are moving like hotcakes. If I can move this house, yeah, I’m all for it. If I can’t? It’s a beautiful home. I’m all for it.”

She confirmed she would “absolutely” still stay in the home if it doesn’t sell. She also spoke on speculation that there’s another reason, such as financial issues, that they’re selling the home.

“No, nothing is happening. Season eight is popping and they pay us ahead of time girl. We good.”

She addressed former co-star Quad Webb-Lunceford’s comments to Heavenly Kimes that Toya had to “beg, borrow and steal” to get her home. She said the two are “good” and added,

“My thing with her is I think that right now she’s going through a rough patch and she’s looking for attention. And I just didn’t give her any. I feel like sometimes when people go through a lot they look for attention. I think when she was going through her season with Mariah [Huq] it was attention-getting. And I think sometimes you just have to put people to bed.”

She added that she was blindsided by her comments.

“Honestly, that episode was like ‘Huh?’ But it was one of them things. Like I said, I’m not a kardashian I have no rights to the show, I have no right to edit the show. Sometimes I’m blindsided. You just have to sit back, have a glass of wine and say ‘Oh.'”

She said she hasn’t spoken to Quad Webb-Lunceford since the episode aired.

“She’s in bed to me. She doesn’t pay any bills over here. She has no relevance to anything going on… When it’s gossip it is what it is. Now if it’s some truth to it then it’s like ‘Okay girl, hold on, let’s see.’ If it’s some truth to it then you’re gonna see in about a month, two months, three months, stay tuned girl…Then I want y’all to do an interview with her and be like ‘Girl whatever happened to that lie you were talking?’ And don’t forget to ask her. I want you to be like ‘Girl you be telling a lot of lies.’ And I want you to say it just like that.”

As for former co-star and Married To Medicine creator Mariah Huq, who filed a discrimination lawsuit against BRAVO, Toya said they haven’t spoken since taping the season seven reunion.

“We were in New York and I remember I was trying to get her to go shopping. That was the last time I spoke with her. It was like she just kind of disappeared…I see her on her Instagram and stuff like that. She seems to be doing well, but outside of that, no.”

She shared her thoughts on Mariah Huq’s claims that the network didn’t allow her to show her Indian heritage, but this year a new cast member Anila Sajja shows her Indian background quite frequently.

She said,

“I can’t really comment on Mariah’s storyline. I don’t know what they filmed at Mariah’s house. But I will say this, I know that there are a lot of things that they film at my house. And I would love to see it on television too. But I know that there’s eight of us, sometimes there’s seven of us, sometimes there’s six of us, sometimes there’s eight-and-a-half of us, they can’t show everything. I may say my storyline is the best storyline. I may think it’st he best storyline compared to one of my castmates. It just. may not be. I don’t know what transpired between Mariah as it relates to religion ont he show. I remember filming my son’s Christening but they didn’t show it. We film a ton. There’s a ton of things I could be upset about. A ton. Trust and believe, a ton. There are some things that I get upset about, like my book.”

She said they didn’t show the ins and outs of her working on her book, or the other “multiple storylines” she’s shared with cameras.

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Authored by: Char Patterson