Whoopi Goldberg Co-Hosts “The View” From Home Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Whoopi Goldberg Co-Hosts “The View” From Home Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t play about her health. She took a day off from her day job at the talk show, “The View,” and gave an interesting reason. She’s been medically evaluated with a clean bill of health, but still doesn’t feel safe enough to be present in the office during the coronavirus outbreak. So, Whoopi Goldberg is hosting from her own couch at home! Her co-host, Sunny Hostin, greeted her:

“Life as we know it just keeps changing every single day, which is why our fearless leader, Whoopi, is joining us from home right now. Hey Whoop’! You look great!”

Whoopi Goldberg replied, detailing her take on social distancing:

“I am great! This is what we call responsible social distancing. So you know I went to the doctor yesterday to check myself out- just to make sure. And he gives me the all-clear to go to work, and I’m getting ready to do it, and then I start hearing these inconsistent messages from everyone. From the Mayor saying…’New York’s gonna get locked down.’ Then you have Governor Cuomo say, ‘That’s not gonna happen.'”

Whoopi says that she will not return to work until she feels comfortable with the government’s handling of the crisis:

“And I just felt like if I was gonna really try to figure out whether it was okay to come in. My brain said, ‘Until they can get themselves together- the governor and the mayor – I should not go in.'”

Keep in mind, Whoopi could be considered immuno-compromised considering her nearly-fatal battle with pneumonia last year.

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay