Mel B’s Ex-Husband Stephen Belafonte Sued By Singer Malu Trevejo For Fraud

Mel B’s Ex-Husband Stephen Belafonte Sued By Singer Malu Trevejo For Fraud

Mel B’s ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte, is being sued for fraud!

According to RadarOnline, singer Malu Trevajo believes Belafonte misrepresented himself as a talent agent who could help advance her career. Trevejo recently filed suit against Stephen Belafonte – claiming the businessman swindled her into signing a binding deal to have him represent her as her manager after Belafonte discovered her in 2020. Not only that, she says the agreement he had her sign was completely one-sided and only benefited him.

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Malu Trevejo

Malu Trevejo also had an issue with how Stephen Belafonte handled her money. She alleges Belafonte rented a luxury Beverly Hills home in 2021 with her cash. According to the filing, he lied and insisted the lease was only for a few months when it was actually for a year and was paid for on her dime.

Another example of the alleged fraud is a $400K loan she claims Belafonte lent her through a friend before allegedly increasing the interest to nearly $150K.

The “Culo Chapa” singer is suing for fraud, conversion, conspiracy, theft, misappropriation, breach of fiduciary duty, and more.

However, Stephen Belafonte’s attorney, Eduardo Martorell, says Malu Trevejo’s lawsuit is just an attempt to distract from recent allegations that the singer was abusive towards her staff. According to reports, Trevejo is being sued in Florida by four people who say they used to work for her. The suit alleges she inflicted emotional, mental, and verbal abuse on some of her former staffers. They are suing her for at least $4 million.

Belafonte’s attorney also says the claims against the TV producer are false.

“Mr. Belafonte contends that he is in possession of evidence proving Malu Trevejo abused him and others, including repeated use of the “N-word” towards him, a black male, as well as screaming at people that worked for her while using abusive language and demanding they perform demeaning tasks.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole