DMX To Appear Digitally In His Final Film


DMX To Appear Digitally In His Final Film

As DMX’s musical legacy continues to be saluted months after his passing, new reports confirm he will appear in digital form in his final movie.

DMX was slated to star in an upcoming action thriller Doggmen when he suffered a fatal heart attack in April. His co-star, actress Tara Reid revealed that he hadn’t finished shooting before his untimely passing, so he will be in the movie digitally.

She told The Hollywood Times,

 Yeah, [it’s] a movie called Doggmen. It’s his last film and it was really interesting, because he didn’t get to finish the whole film. They had to do what they did with Paul Walker (in his last Fast & Furious role). They make these facial sculptures and they put it on a face, and it looks exactly like [DMX]. It’s crazy.

She added,

“It’s literally a face they make and put on. The last couple of scenes that he has to film, that will be what they are doing.  It’s incredible and it looks so real. It looks just like him.  So, that is how they are going to film his last scenes, and I’ll be in those scenes with him.”

She spoke of his talents and likened him to late rapper Tupac. 

“I think everyone was absolutely broken by DMX’s (death). He wasn’t just a great rapper, but he was a poet. I think he was one of the best rappers of our time, and this movie explains that. The last person that really did that was Tupac.”

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Tupac Shakur (circa 1996)

She concluded,

“I think it will be a great film. He’s a great actor, he’s a voice, and that mattered a lot to him. I think he will be really happy about how this movie comes out and looks. It’s DMX, and just to be a part of that history with him is pretty much incredible.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson