Pepa Facing Nearly $700,000 Lien From Plastic Surgeon, Claims She Didn’t Pay For Work Done

Pepa Facing Nearly $700,000 Lien From Plastic Surgeon, Claims She Didn’t Pay For Work Done

The drama surrounding Pepa of Salt-N-Pepa’s plastic surgery continues.

Pepa (born Sandra Denton) initially sued Dr. David Sayah last December for negligence, alleging he pressured her to undergo three surgeries to treat injuries she experienced from a July 2018 car crash while riding in an Uber.

Now, he’s saying she owes nearly $700,000 for unpaid procedures. He filed a lien for $676,675 against her amid her lawsuit against Uber.

He said he wants to guarantee he receives payment if she wins her case. If he’s granted the lien, he’ll be able to collect the payment he’s requesting.

He included receipts from 2019 related to the cost of injections and implants he inserted.

Pepa claimed in her lawsuit that the accident made injections she already had in her hips and butt shift, which made her suffer intense pain. She said Dr. Sayah first told her to replace the butt implants with smaller ones. But she alleged he also gave her a botched liposuction job, so she had to undergo corrective surgery to fix that.

She said that a separate procedure he persuaded her to get caused her butt to get hard, making it difficult for her to perform.

The final procedure she had was in February 2020 when he was supposed to take out the injections. She ultimately went to another physician who determined there was a  “large amount of biopolymer silicone and dead scar tissue remaining” after performing an MRI.

The pending status of her lawsuit could explain why she hasn’t paid Dr. Sayah.

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Authored by: Char Patterson