EXCLUSIVE: Zeus President & CEO Lemuel Plummer Reacts To Lawsuit From Omarion & Says Outcome Will More Than Likely Be ‘Favorable Towards’ The Network + Dishes On The Status Of Tommie Lee’s Reality Series & Clarifies If ‘Joseline’s Cabaret’ Is The #1 Show In America

Lemuel Plummer

EXCLUSIVE: Zeus President & CEO Lemuel Plummer Explains Lawsuit From Omarion & Says Outcome Will More Than Likely Be ‘Favorable Towards’ The Network + Dishes On The Status Of Tommie Lee’s Reality Series & Clarifies If ‘Joseline’s Cabaret’ Is The #1 Show In America

In an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND.com, Zeus Network president and CEO Lemuel Plummer dished about the streaming platform’s top shows and clarified what Joseline Hernandez meant by claiming she has the number one show in the country.  In addition to that, he revealed the current status of Tommie Lee’s reality show and touched on Omarion’s lawsuit against the network.

The Zeus Network has become a favorite streaming service for many reality TV fans. The network launched in 2018 and has already produced many viral shows. A few of Zeus’s popular reality series include; B. Simone’s You’re My Boooyfriend, The Real Blac Chyna, and Joseline’s Cabaret. In January of last year theJasmineBRAND exclusively reported that Zeus had plans to add former Love & Hip-Hop star Tommie Lee to its roster with her own show.


During our interview, Lemuel Plummer updated us on the current status of Tommie’s show and if Zeus still aims to work with her. He said,

“First of all I love Tommie, she’s great.”

He then explained,

“The issue was there was a lot of things going on behind the scenes. There were a lot of other folks involved, you know, Mona Scott had pitched the show to me, and then Tami Roman was also part of the pitching for the show…At the time, you know, we were getting cease and desist letters from VH1 and there were a lot of things that in my opinion were a conflict of interest between some of the other parties that were involved in the program.”

He added,

“So we kind of had to slow things down a bit and redirect our focus on other things.”

Plummer also praised celebrities who secured a TV series with Zeus.

“We have some hit shows. ‘Joseline’s Cabaret’ is doing incredibly well. ‘Baddies ATL’ is doing incredibly well. ‘One Mo’ Chance’ is [doing incredibly well]. I mean they’re all doing very well.”

He added,

“To me, they’re all number ones. They’re all number one in their own way.” 

In April Joseline Hernandez was on the Wendy Williams Show and claimed that her Zeus series, Joseline’s Cabaret, is the number one show in America.

When asked to clarify Joseline’s remarks from the Wendy Show, Plummer said,

“Listen, Joseline is Joseline. I can’t control what Joseline – what she does [or] what she says.”

He continued,

“First of all her show, – Joseline has done so much for Zeus [and] with Zeus. So she’s a completely different content partner. She’s our first second season, you know, she had her first second season on Zeus. Out of all of our shows, she was the first one.

He added,

“She’s increased our subscriber growth significantly. She’s done a lot. So, yes, from her perspective she has the number one show in the country.”

The Zeus Network has definitely secured a few wins under its belt. Unfortunately, the streaming platform has also had to deal with some drama as well. As previously reported, last August Omarion‘s company Omarion Worldwide filed a lawsuit against the Zeus network and Lemuel Plummer over an unaired B2K documentary.


Omarion Worldwide initially teamed up with Zeus in February 2020 to release “The Millennium Tour Live Concert Featuring B2k” for fans to watch on the streaming service. However, according to the suit, Omarion says,

“Zeus failed to follow the terms of their deal and screwed him out of money.”

The lawsuit also alleges,

“breach of contract, fraud, and various other claims.”

Plummer said of the lawsuit,

“That issue is super simple, it’s like it’s not even an issue. Omarion and I guess his manager woke up one day and I saw on a blog that we were getting sued or they were threatening to sue us. There were no like heads up, there were no conversations, there was nothing.”

He continued and shared that he wants to be careful about what he says but,

“bottom line, Omarion didn’t generate as many subscribers as he thought he would.”

He added,

“And so for us – we, you know, when we presented him with the numbers he was a little shocked.”

“I can’t really control other folks’ ideas that they create in their mind, and other scenarios, or what they think. People are able to create whatever scenarios and so if we go to the court or if we’re really taking it to court then I’m sure it’ll probably be favorable towards [Zeus].”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel