Whoopi Goldberg Says The Truth Doesn’t Seem To Matter As Much These Days While Discussing Cancel Culture

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg Says The Truth Doesn’t Seem To Matter As Much These Days While Discussing Cancel Culture

Comedian and actress Whoopi Goldberg has never been afraid to share her thoughts and opinions. While delivering the annual International Icon Interview for the Edinburgh TV Festival, The View co-host expressed her thoughts on cancel culture in today’s society.

In 2004, Whoopi Goldberg infamously joked about former President George W. Bush saying, “We should keep Bush where he belongs,” to which she gestured at her genitals before saying, “and not in the White House.

When asked if she felt “canceled” following the incident Whoopi Goldberg said,

“No. I would describe that situation as a lot of people covering their backsides, because the joke was never about him. But no one ever stood up and said, ‘Hey, here’s what actually happened.”

She continued,

“And they put it in the newspaper. And you notice, they’d never seen what I exactly said, or what I said at all. But all somebody has to do is say you said it.”

Before landing at the view, the EGOT winner said she went without work for five years following the Bush incident. While addressing cancel culture directly, Whoopi Goldberg said,

“I feel like the truth doesn’t seem to matter as much these days.”

Goldberg added,

“Because there is cancel culture, people will call or text and say ‘I’m not buying your product. This is who you have talking about your product, me, and my five million followers, if you keep her, we’re not going to buy your car, or we’re not going to buy your shampoo or we’re not going to buy your toothbrush or we’re not going to buy your Pampers.”

As the interview continued, Goldberg also discussed the opportunities for people of color in the media industry. She said,

“I believe that it has been hard, but that’s why more women of color have to write the things they want to see.”

Whoopi Goldberg


She also said people new to the industry have to make their content available on platforms like Tik Tok and Youtube. Whoopi continued saying,

“Now, if you want to get famous from it, that’s a whole other conversation. But if you get the work done, learn how to do everything, you can do it on YouTube. The industry could help new talent by just opening their eyes.”

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Authored by: Ellori Nicole