Alexis Skyy Slams Child’s Father Brandon Medford: I Pray For A GOOD MAN To Be A Father Figure To My Daughter

Alexis Skyy Slams Child’s Father Brandon Medford: I Pray For A GOOD MAN To Be A Father Figure To My Daughter

Alexis Skyy recently went off on her child’s father on social media!

Earlier today (Tuesday, Sept. 14th), Alexis Skyy blasted her child’s father–Brandon Medford–on her Instagram Story. In a now-deleted upload, the Love & Hip Hop star initially wrote:

“I pray God puts the right ‘MAN’ in my life & for a GOOD MAN to be a father figure to my daughter I been so calm and quiet but enough is enough you can’t force a man to love a child better yet his child. There is a lot I blame myself for and I can own up to that but my daughter is pure and innocent she doesn’t deserve looking out the window asking daddy come get me. Daddy call me back & daddy is on IG flexing to the world like he is just this man of GOD living the right way when your not missed her birthday [sic].. never calls when we tell her she’s in hospital  seen other kids what are you embarrassed of her she didn’t ask to go through the pain she went through. GOD will remove it all from you. Your kids come first.”

In another Instagram Story upload shortly thereafter, Alexis Skyy stated:

“It kills me to leave my baby to go work but sometimes as a mother we gotta make sacrifices to make sure our babies are good forever & I won’t ever give up on my baby girl idc if I have to continue to be her father and mother but this s**t isn’t easy I promise some days I just want to breakdown and cry but I can’t.”

She added:

“I pray God will open new doors for me and my career so I’m able to just give my child the time she needs.”

Alexis Skyy then proceeded to claim she wants more consistency and solidness within her life and relationships:

“I’m tired of temporary situations.. that goes for friendship, business and relationship stay tf away from me everyone!!!!”

She wrapped up her Instagram Story uploads with a post directed towards God. Alexis Skyy wrote:

“God protect me, my mind, my energy, my loved ones, my family, my friends, my businesses, God I know you didn’t bring me this far to leave me. God you’ve been so good. Let your glory feel this place. Let the presence of my breakthrough be felt. Surround me lord. Change my bad habits, open my mind to New. Enlarge my territory! Send your spirits lord. I trust you with everything in me!”

Brandon Medford has not publicly acknowledged the situation on social media.

Alexis Skyy‘s posts come about six months after she accused Brandon Medford of being embarrassed of their daughter, Alaiya. For context, 3-year-old Alaiya was born a few months premature weighing 1 pound and 4 ounces. She was born with hydrocephalus, which is when fluid accumulates within the brain, and she has special needs as a result.

Back in March, Brandon Medford said on Kitchen Talk The Podcast that–while initially surprised– he was excited when he found out he was Alaiya‘s father.

However, Alexis Skyy swiftly jumped into the comment section and, in a now-deleted comment, wrote:

“Let them know how embarrassed you are of your child because she has special needs!!!”

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Authored by: Nick Fenley