Kym Whitley Claims Bobby Brown Once Bit Her At A Party + Recalls Past Drama W/ Jackeé Harry: She Did Not Like Me Looking Like Her

Kym Whitley Claims Bobby Brown Once Bit Her At A Party + Recalls Past Drama W/ Jackeé Harry: She Did Not Like Me Looking Like Her

Did Bobby Brown really bite Kym Whitley on the neck?!

Yesterday (Sunday, Sept. 19th), TV One aired an episode of Uncensored that centered around Kym Whitley. The series gives viewers a look into the real life experiences lived by various different celebrities.

In the episode, Kym Whitley recalled a shocking interaction she had with Bobby Brown in the early 2000s. According to Kym Whitley, Bobby Brown bit her in a fit of excitement while at an event! Kym alleged that while attending a birthday party for Cookie JohnsonMagic Johnson‘s wife–at the House of Blues,

“Bobby had gone up on stage with Whitney [Houston], and they were singing. And they were trying to get Bobby off stage. This was during the wild years of Bobby.”

Around the time of Bobby Brown‘s so-called “wild years,” Kym Whitley hosted a show called Oh Drama! Bobby Brown was clearly a fan of the series, and–when he excitedly met the actress–Kym claims:

“He grabbed me and he went to my neck, and he bit it! [I gushed] blood and everything. I don’t know if he thought he was a vampire.”

She continued:

“I went down to the ground [and] security whisked him [away]. They took him out. There were towels and everything.”

Kym added that, while others encouraged her to sue Bobby Brown, she decided against it. She stated:

“It wasn’t like I felt ‘Oooh, I want Whitney’s money.’ I didn’t want anything bad to happen to him… He was just excited and crazy.”

Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown

On top of her revelation about Bobby BrownKym Whitley also recounted a story about Jackeé Harry! She revealed:

“I went over to the set of the show ‘227′. I was sitting in the audience, and I remember a lady named Simone Sheffield. At the time, she was Stevie Wonder’s manager… She said ‘I got a question. Is this Jackeé’s sister?’ And I was like ‘What? What is she talking about?’ and Marla Gibbs sent a note and said ‘Have her come to the back after the show.’ And I went to the back and Marla Gibbs took my information down – 2-3 weeks later, they called me to come out to be Jackeé’s stand in. Her double.”

Jackeé Harry

She continued, revealing Jackeé Harry was allegedly unpleased with the decision:

“Jackeé did not like it. Let’s just go ahead and be honest: Jackeé did not like me looking like her. But I can’t change my face, Jackeé! This is what I got–this my face! I look like you, okay? You look like me. So Jackeé, I don’t know. She’s explained it now, but we were having some problems [back then]. Jackeé’s sister was threatening me and she was gonna kick my butt and all kinds of stuff. And I was afraid.”

Kym Whitley then revealed that Marla Gibbs, who was Jackeé Harry‘s costar on 227, gave her some advice during the ordeal:

“During the filming of the show, Marla Gibbs pulled me into a closet on the set. She said ‘You stop taking all this abuse and you stand up for yourself.’ She said, ‘I want you to remember one thing: they cannot finish this show without you.’ I was afraid, I was new. This was the first thing I’d ever done. And I probably should’ve listened to Marla Gibbs. But that’s why we are friends today–I love Marla Gibbs.”

Marla Gibbs

You can listen to Kym Whitley‘s story about Jackeé Harry down below:


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Authored by: Nick Fenley