Nicci Gilbert Reveals She Found Out Kelly Price Was Missing Through Her Daughter + Addresses Da Brat’s Criticism Against Her: I Would Like To Believe That It’s All A Misunderstanding

Nicci Gilbert Reveals She Found Out Kelly Price Was Missing Through Her Daughter + Addresses Da Brat’s Criticism Against Her: I Would Like To Believe That It’s All A Misunderstanding

Nicci Gilbert recently dished on her situations with Kelly Price and Da Brat!

As you may recall, Kelly Price was reported missing last month. However, despite the reports, the 48-year-old singer clarified that she was not missing and, instead, was simply recovering from COVID-19Kelly Price revealed:

“I was being seen several times a week by home health aides after being released on oxygen… I have never been in danger, I am not in danger right now–I am focusing on putting myself first.”

Kelly Price

Notably, around the time Kelly Price spoke on the matter, Nicci Gilbert and Da Brat got into it on social media. It all began when Nicci Gilbert uploaded a video and said:

“I have spoken with Kelly Price. She called me last night, we had a very extensive conversation… Kelly is fine. She’s not on a ventilator, she’s not a hostage. She is healing from COVID.”

Nicci Gilbert also announced she would be “sharing what [she] learned from all of it” on her online show–She Speaks Live.


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After Nicci Gilbert uploaded her video, Da Brat made a post of her own–slamming people who put Kelly Price‘s personal business on blast without permission.


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She later issued a follow-up video, stating:

“I was upset because you talking about Kelly to promote yo s**t. You telling Kelly’s personal business.”




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Now, Nicci Gilbert is sharing her side of the situation. While appearing on The RealNicci revealed that her concern truly began when her R&B group, Brownstone, was asked to fill in for Kelly Price for a range of performances:

“Brownstone was asked to fill in for Kelly for a few dates. We filled in for those dates, I thought ‘This is wonderful.’ Like everyone else, I heard that Kelly had been diagnosed with COVID via her Instagram, so of course I reached out to my girl like ‘Hey sis, you good?’ You know, we’re doing these dates, thank you–even included a tribute to Kelly in the dates–and I never heard anything back. Then we got more calls for dates after a few weeks had passed. So I innocently reached out to her daughter, who I know, like ‘Hey sweetheart, just checking on you, checking on mom. Is everything okay?’ Her daughter Nia said ‘Ms. Nicci, I need to talk to you. It is private, it is important, I need this to remain private.’ So of course, I reached out to Nia.

She continued:

“She shared a lot of information with me that caused alarm for me as someone who loved Kelly and who is her friend. And unfortunately, her daughter just didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know where to turn, she felt like there weren’t a lot of people she could trust. She knew that my organization did advocacy for missing women and girls, she knew that her mother and I had a great relationship. So I referred her to some resources to privately check on her mother, which she did.”

Nicci Gilbert then shared that she worked out for a resource team to do a welfare check on Kelly Price:

“They did say that there were some packages outside the door. They were a little concerned. However, the family would have to issue a missing persons report. The daughter said ‘I’m not quite ready to do that, let me give it some more time.'”

Nicci Gilbert

Eventually, Kelly Price‘s sister had a welfare check conducted as well and reported the singer missing. Regarding the situation, Nicci said:

“I believe her family was genuinely concerned about her. Not getting into the family dynamics, but I truly believe they were concerned. [They] said ‘Please advocate, nobody else is helping us. She’s on the missing persons list, we need to amplify this message. We know this is what you do–please help us.'”

She continued:

“Kelly and I spoke… and I let her know that I was really concerned about the fact that no one had heard from her. Her children hadn’t heard from her. She was very clear about the issues she had within her family, which I understand and won’t get in to, but my question was ‘Could you have made a phone call to anybody? The police, your daughter, anybody?'”

Shortly thereafter, Nicci revealed:

“I told [Kelly] that I was going to be clear that I’ve spoken to her and she’s okay, and I’m doing that because I am a real advocate for women and girls. Too often, people dismiss missing women and girls for this very reason. And she agreed to advocate with me at the end of my call, she apologized for all of the confusion, and was saying ‘Let’s schedule lunch when I feel better.'”

Nicci Gilbert then addressed Da Brat‘s comments about her Instagram upload. She said:

“I honestly believe that Da Brat was advocating for her friend. I was advocating for my friend… Maybe the two of us just had a little bit of misinformation. I think that if she had all the facts and knew this was something I’ve keen kinda dealing with and holding for about a month, she wouldn’t have done that. And I would like to believe that it’s all a misunderstanding.”

Da Brat

She then responded to Da Brat‘s allegations of speaking on the matter to put it on her podcast, stating:

“That is partially true–I wanted to put it on my podcast for sure. I wanted to use this as an opportunity to bring awareness to missing women and girls because it’s a very serious issue. But I did not say anything about Kelly until she was added to the national missing persons list. And I did that because I felt like it was more important for me to put my ego aside and what people would say about me aside and make sure that… I spoke up for a sister.”

Nicci Gilbert wrapped up her side of the matter by saying that, while she stands by how she handled everything, she thinks Da Brat should have reached out to her personally:

“I wish that, before Da Brat put that out to her millions of followers, she would’ve reached out to me. Because I think it’s dangerous when we start to tell people that they’re clout chasing [when] they’re really caring and loving on people and hoping for the best.”

You can listen to Nicci Gilbert‘s comments down below:

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Authored by: Nick Fenley