Jay-Z Hires Private Investigator To Follow Ex-Perfume CEO Amid Pair’s Legal Battle After Former Exec’s Claims About Fearing COVID-19

Jay-Z Hires Private Investigator To Follow Ex-Perfume CEO Amid Pair’s Legal Battle, Rapper Discredits Former Exec’s Claims About Fearing COVID-19

It looks like Jay-Z means business when it comes to his lawsuits!

Back in 2016, a perfume brand named Parlux sued Jay-Z (real name Shawn Carter) for breach of contract. Parlux claimed that Jay-Z backed out of a business deal after already receiving $2 million in royalties, and the company also alleges that it lost a total of $18 million from the failed venture. However, Jay-Z responded by countersuing and alleging that Parlux breached its own obligations in the business deal.


Now, the trial is set to kick off in New York City this week. Jay-Z and Parlux’s ex-CEO, Daniel Loftus, are both expected to take the stand–though the former executive requested to testify remotely. Daniel Loftus alleged that he was too fearful of coronavirus to appear in person and was avoiding public, indoor settings–though Jay-Z and his attorneys reportedly didn’t believe the story. Resultingly, the “Hard Knock Life” rapper hired a private investigator to see if Daniel Loftus‘ claims were true.

The private investigator–who’s a former NYPD sergeant–captured photos that seemed to denounce the ex-CEO’s claims. Specifically, the P.I. caught Loftus walking mask-less throughout Manhattan, boarding multiple buses, grocery shopping, “frequently” eating at indoor restaurants, and even attending a crowded parade!

In response to the evidence, Jay-Z‘s main lawyer–Alex Spiro–wrote:

“Despite Mr. Loftus and plaintiffs’ counsel’s misrepresentations otherwise, the pandemic has not proven exceptional for Mr. Loftus, who is living his life as if it is 2019. Covid-19 has not stopped Mr. Loftus from participating in any activities similar to, or more risky than, attending an in-person trial around other socially-distanced, masked individuals.”

It is unclear if Daniel Loftus will have to testify in person due to the findings.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley