Beyoncé & Jay-Z Star In New ‘Date Night’ Ad For Tiffany & Co. + Blue Ivy Makes A Cameo [WATCH]

Beyoncé & Jay-Z Star In New ‘Date Night’ Ad For Tiffany & Co. + Blue Ivy Makes A Cameo [WATCH]

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are continuing their work with Tiffany & Co.!

Earlier today (Tuesday, Oct. 19th), Beyoncé and Tiffany & Co. unveiled their latest collaboration: a 2-minute-long video advertisement! The video mainly centers on Beyoncé, 40, and Jay-Z, 51 and is appropriately titled “Date Night.”

The ad opens with Beyoncé riding in the backseat of a limousine–touching up her makeup, smelling a flower, and posing in a pair of shades.

Shortly thereafter, Beyoncé asks the driver to pull over and welcomes Jay-Z into the scene! A little while later, the couple humorously stops for pizza. At another point in the video, they also pull over for champagne as well.

After enjoying the pizza and champagne, the couple welcomes another Carter into the scene: Blue Ivy Carter! The 9-year-old sat between her parents, effectively crashing Beyoncé and Jay-Z‘s “date night” for a short while.

Later, Blue Ivy Carter exits the limo, and Beyoncé and Jay-Z continue to enjoy their time together for the remainder of the Tiffany & Co. advertisement.

You can watch the video down below:


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As you may recall, this isn’t the first Tiffany & Co. ad the couple has done. Back in August, the couple promoted the jewelry brand’s “ABOUT LOVE” campaign by posing alongside a never-before-scene Jean-Michel Basquiat painting. Additionally, Beyoncé was photographed in the famed Tiffany Yellow Diamond–becoming the fourth person, and first Black woman, in history to wear it.

The couple later faced backlash for the ad, with friends of Jean-Michel Basquiat calling them out. Additionally, Beyoncé was criticized for wearing the Tiffany Yellow Diamond, which is referred to as a “blood diamond” due to its dark history and colonialist ties.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley