Drake’s $4 Billion Defamation Lawsuit Has Been Thrown Out 


Drake’s $4 Billion Defamation Lawsuit Has Been Thrown Out

A huge legal burden has been lifted from Drake’s shoulders.

Canadian rap star Drake has reportedly been freed from a defamation lawsuit filed by a woman who allegedly broke into his home in 2017.

The case was allegedly dismissed on Friday (Dec. 17) by a Los Angeles Superior Court. They sided with Drake and his lawyer, stating that the “Knife Talk” rapper never actually defamed the plaintiff. Judge Virginia Keeny reportedly wrote:

“Plaintiff Collins has not demonstrated any of defendant Graham’s statements were about plaintiff Collins or that he used her identity, name, or likeness in his Instagram posts or endorsements.”

She continued:

“Even if plaintiff Collins could establish the statements were about her, she has failed to establish that such statements were of a private fact that is offensive and objectionable to the reasonable person.”

Drake reportedly escaped the suit under California’s “anti-SLAPP” law, which enables a judge to quickly dismiss lawsuits that challenge free speech. The plaintiff accused Drake of making damaging statements about her online; therefore, the law applied.

Earlier this year, a woman by the name of Mesha Collins hit Drake with a $4 billion defamation lawsuit, allegedly stating that Drake used her name and likeness negatively in his music and social media posts. She also alleged that he shared her address with the world. In 2017, it was reported that Mesha was arrested after she invaded the star’s Los Angeles residence. She spent some time in jail but was released on bail, and Drake never pressed charges against her.


Not too long ago, Drake allegedly requested to have the lawsuit tossed out through his attorney, Stanton “Larry” Stein. Of the case and the motion, his lawyer reportedly stated:

After trespassing at his home and being arrested in 2017, plaintiff Mesha Collins now attempts to make contact with musician Aubrey Drake Graham by suing him.”

He continued:

This is pure fiction. Until he was served with this lawsuit, Graham had no idea who Collins was.”

Mesha wasn’t present for the Friday (Dec. 17) hearing and never hired a lawyer. When Drake’s attorney attempted to call her about the court proceedings, she allegedly hung up in his face.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya