Porsha Williams’ Fiancé Simon Goubadia Alleges He’s Financially Taking Care Of Ex Falynn Pina’s Newborn Child, Jaylan Banks Reacts: Nobody Is Living Off Your Chump Change! 

Porsha Williams’ Fiancé Simon Goubadia Alleges He’s Financially Taking Care Of Ex Falynn Pina’s Newborn Child, Jaylan Banks Reacts: Nobody Is Living Off Your Chump Change!

The drama continues between Simon Guobadia, and Jaylan Banks

Tensions continue to rise between the ex and future husband of Real Housewives of Atlanta season 13’s, Falynn Pina.

For those who have not been keeping up with the drama-filled love tragedy of Simon Goubadia and Falynn Pina, here’s what you need to know:

Falynn and Simon Guobadia

Simon and Falynn were married in June 2019 and officially filed for divorce in February of 2021. The divorce came after Simon alleged that Falynn had cheated on the multi-millionaire with and was pregnant by Falynn’s assistant, Jaylan Banks. At the time of the accusations, both Falyn and Jaylan admittedly denied the adultery rumors, claiming to be best friends.

Porsha Williams & Simon Guobadia

While Simon Goubadia and Falynn Pina were separated but still legally married, he began a relationship with Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Porsha Williams. The relationship seemed to come out of the left field for RHOA fans, as many viewers were confused on how Porsha Williams could date the ex-husband of a woman whose house she’d filmed in during season 13.

While their relationship received much backlash over social media, Simon and Porsha continued in their love affair, even getting engaged in May 2021, a month after becoming official.

Just when fans thought that the situation couldn’t get any messier, Falynn and Jaylan Banks publicized their relationship in July 2021. The two have been engaged since October 2021, and has since conceived a daughter, Emma, born in November 2021.

Falynn Pina & Jaylan Banks

The four have since, consistently, gone back and forth with both each other and social media trolls over their relationships and the alleged choices made within them.

After months of silence, Ex-husband Simon Guobadia seemingly re-starts the online dialogue after posting a subliminal message on his Instagram story. This week, the entrepreneur stated:

“The disrespect continues after cheating with the help for a whole year before filing for divorce, having a baby by the jobless help, and living off and having a child whose very welfare today depends on my money. The disrespect and ingratitude never ends. Both of you have learned absolutely nothing.”

There has not been any information about what behind-the-scenes “disrespect” Simon Goubadia was talking about in his message, but it seems as if Jaylan Banks had an idea. The now fiancé of Falynn Pina has since publicly and directly responded to Simon’s statement.

“@iamsimongoubadia IYORE let’s get one thing straight, MY CHILD is good over here. Nobody is living off your little chump change. If you really wanna get down to facts.

Oh yeah did you forget that it was your child’s birthday yesterday because you sure as h*ll wasn’t at his party last night but was getting a whole female name tatted on you.

Simon stop playing with me because i really can start embarrassing you.

We didn’t learn a lesson? Who was suppose to teach us a lesson?”

Jaylan Banks continued with a supposed screenshot of a text conversation, and Simon had on December 19th, 2020. The text shows Simon Guobadia stating that he and Falynn Pina’s breakup was no fault of Jaylan Banks’.

Simon texts:

“Jaylan, was nice knowing you. I have determined on my own that you got a great heart. And I wish you the very best. Falynn and I have decided that it is best we went our separate ways. Nothing to do with you I promise. That is where he is emotionally and she needs to be by herself. Tell your mum and sis that I say they are great people.”

To which Jaylan responded:

“Wait what

I’m about to talk to her now

Just got to the house”

The screenshot comes with the caption 

“Don’t start with me you’ve been moved on.”

Simon has yet to respond to the recent comments from Jaylan Banks.

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Authored by: KJ Dodd