Baby Blue of Pretty Ricky Is Turning Himself In For PPP Fraud Case Involvement, Serving 20 Month Prison Sentence

Baby Blue of Pretty Ricky Is Turning Himself In For 20 Month Prison Sentence

If you’re a fan of Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue, this is your time to shine as the Love & Hip-Hop Miami star tells followers he will write back to those that write to him while serving his 20-month federal prison sentence beginning on February, 7th.

Baby Blue

After pleading guilty to his involvement in a Covid relief fund Paycheck Protection Program scam, Pretty Ricky member Baby Blue is getting ready to serve a 20-month bid in the Coleman, Florida federal prison. While incarcerated, Baby Blue asks that anyone who wants to send him anything or write to him during his stay do so, and stated he will definitely be writing back.

Baby Blue, who reportedly secured over $1.1 million in Covid relief funds, took to his Twitter account earlier today [Monday, February 1st] to reassert what he says are false that he snitched on others involved in the PPP fraud case, and says he’ll knock out his 20-month sentence and be home in no time.

In the Twitter post he says:

“You think imma miss my chance on being a real nigga by telling. Gimme them 20 months, imma knock that sh*t out! Be home in no time!”

Court documents claim that Blue allegedly convinced 11 other individuals to file fraudulent documents in order to receive kickback money from the funds. However the 37-year old artist clarified his stance on the matter, insinuating that he is actually a victim in the PPP loan scam, and that the “informants” in his case made him the scapegoat and scammed him and other celebs.

Baby Blue

He states:

“Honestly, the informants in my case made me their SCAPEGOAT.

Made it seem like we was part of the scam but in reality, THEY SCAMMED ME & OTHER CELEBS

They told lies on US for less time wrongly convicting victims

Unfortunately, being “NAIVE” isn’t a defense in the court of law!”

Are ya’ll writing to Baby Blue and telling him you believe he’s innocent? Tell us your thoughts in the comments! 

Authored by: Kay Johnson