Big Freedia Emotionally Reacts To Her Cousin Being Convicted Of Manslaughter: ‘New Orleans Is Corrupt!’

Big Freedia, Cardell Hayes, Will Smith

Big Freedia Emotionally Reacts To Her Cousin Being Convicted Of Manslaughter: ‘New Orleans Is Corrupt!’

Family members of Big Freedia’s cousin Cardell Hayes were not at all happy with the conclusion of his manslaughter re-trial.

The bounce artist went on an emotional vent session after the verdict was read on Saturday (January 27th), and proclaimed that her relative is innocent despite what a jury decided.

Big Freedia

Speaking about the matter after the court hearing ended, Big Freedia, real name Freddie Ross Jr., 46 stated:

 “Self defense. My cousin fought for his life. Any man in that position woulda did the same thing.”


“It’s not right and they know they not right. They corrupted! New Orleans is corrupt…F—k all of them, especially [DA] Jason Williams.”

The trial involved Big Freedia’s cousin Cardell Hayes, who has been serving time since 2016 for the murder of former New Orleans Saints player Will Smith. Reportedly, the two got into a heated altercation during a road rage incident that led to Hayes firing off a fatal shot at Smith. Freedia’s relative was arrested shortly after and was subsequently convicted of manslaughter and attempted manslaughter for striking the football player’s wife Racquel Smith as well. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Will Smith & Racquel Smith

However, Hayes‘ conviction was reportedly overturned when the Supreme Court ruled that the non-unanimous jury verdict was unconstitutional. As a result, a re-trial commenced and the celebrity’s cousin was found not guilty of attempted manslaughter. Unfortunately, he was once again found guilty of manslaughter regarding the athlete’s death. An analyst reportedly shared his expectation that the judge would uphold the original sentence of 25 years or something close to it. Hayes is reportedly set to be sentenced again on March 27th.

Cardell Hayes

Freedia was reportedly supposed to be celebrating her birthday on Sunday (January 28th) with an event and performances from artists such as Tarriona “Tank” Ball and more. However, the musician reportedly canceled her plans, writing to her Instagram story:

“There’s nothing to celebrate…Please keep us in your prayers. We are hurting.”


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Authored by: Kay Johnson