50 Cent Makes Fun Of Young Buck & His Sexuality Amid Arrest For Vandalizing Ex’s Property

50 Cent Makes Fun Of Young Buck & His Sexuality Amid Arrest For Vandalizing Ex’s Property

50 Cent has never been afraid to speak his mind, even if that means clowning someone in the process. On Wednesday (Feb.2), former ‘G-Unit’ member and ex friend to 50 Cent–Young Buck– found himself in some trouble when he was arrested and charged with vandalism after an incident with his ex girlfriend. Reportedly, Nashville police were called after a domestic dispute took place at the home of his ex girlfriend.

Young Buck

According to his ex, the 40 year-old-rapper informed her that he was coming over, however, she never let him inside the home. Reportedly, she later noticed that her car was damaged soon after he left the premises.  When she called they police, they were able to use camera footage and confirm Young Buck as the person who caused the damage. According to reports, the rapper was charged with felony vandalism but was quickly released on $1,000 bond. He is expected to be in court on March 1.

It didn’t take long before 50 Cent caught wind of this news and had a comment of his own. The 46-year-old rapper/mogul took to Instagram to express his thoughts on his former friend’s arrest while also questioning his sexuality. 50 captioned the post,

“Buck B-Unit Bi sexual Unit.Leave that girl alone, she didn’t know he had all this sh*t going on none of us did And He best be coming up wit my money.”

Young Buck and 50 Cent have been beefing for the past few years allegedly due to contractual obligations not fulfilled by Buck. Last summer, 50 Cent said that Buck remains a G-Unit signee and allegedly still owes the label two more albums as well as $250,000. Adding fuel to the fire, 50 Cent has taken several shots at Buck, making fun of his sexuality amid rumors that he had relations with a trans woman, in which he later denied.


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Authored by: Monique Nicole