DaBaby – Cops Investigating Rapper For Assault With A Deadly Weapon Amid Physical Altercation With DaniLeigh’s Brother

DaniLeigh, DaBaby, Brandon Bills

Police Investigating DaBaby For Assault With A Deadly Weapon Amid Physical Altercation With DaniLeigh’s Brother

It looks like law enforcement may be coming after DaBaby! According to sources, police are now investigating the 30-year-old rapper after his physical altercation with Brandon Bills–the brother of DaniLeighwho is the mother of DaBaby’s youngest daughter and his ex-girlfriend. As previously reported, the incident took place at a Los Angeles bowling alley on Wednesday (Feb.9) night with attendees filming the violent fight.


In the footage, DaniLeigh’s brother Brandon Bills can be seen being attacked by DaBaby and his entourage. Several individuals were involved in the fight that apparently left Brandon Bills bloodied. It appears DaBaby threw the first punch which started the melee. Reportedly, Bills refused medical treatment and DaBaby left before the cops arrived.

See clip below:

Here’s another angle of the incident.

According to law enforcement, they are now launching an investigation into the incident and it looks like they have their eyes set on DaBaby! Reportedly, police are investigating the “Rockstar” rapper for assault with a deadly weapon. Sources say it became an “ADW” case because Brandon Bills was allegedly kicked in the head while he was already on the ground.


While DaBaby has yet to speak out publicly, Brandon Bills took to his Instagram Story to speak his piece on the altercation, saying that it was not a fair fight and that he was jumped.


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Authored by: Monique Nicole