Larsa Pippen Says Ex-Husband Scottie Pippen Has A ‘Jealousy Problem’

Larsa & Scottie Pippen

Larsa Pippen Says Ex-Husband Scottie Pippen Has A ‘Jealousy Problem’

Larsa Pippen opens up about her divorce from Scottie Pippen.

Basketball legend Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife, Larsa Pippen, divulged the details of their divorce on an episode of The Real Housewives of Miami. Larsa claimed that Scottie’s actions during the process led her to believe that he was jealous.

When castmate Alexia Echevarria asked for an update on the court proceedings, Larsa replied:

“I don’t even know what’s happening. I was trying to force him to sell the house and once I started doing that, he was kind of like, ‘You have to send [14-year-old daughter Sophia] back to L.A.’ and I was like traumatized.”

Alexia Echevarria

She continued:

“If he doesn’t get his way, his punishes me. He’s like the Punisher. I think Scottie’s used to controlling the narrative. This is like his last piece of control he’s got over me and the kids. He’s only punishing me because I’m making him sell the house. He’s pushing all the buttons to let me know I’m not in charge. I’m doing whatever the hell makes me happy.”

She added:

“So if dating someone younger makes me happy, I’m doing it. Which leads me to believe it’s a jealousy problem, that jealousy is the underlying issue.”

Larsa married Scottie in 1997, and they went on to have four children together. The former Chicago Bulls player filed for divorce in 2016, but they later reconciled. In 2018, both agreed to call it quits.

Larsa, Scottie & their 4 children

Following their split, 47-year-old Larsa entered a fling with 25-year-old Minnesota Timberwolf Malik Beasley in 2020.

Malik Beasley

The Pippens’ divorce was finalized in Jan. 2022. Larsa appeared on a talk show several months after filming The Real Housewives and claimed that she and Scottie are on better terms.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya