Wendy Williams May Receive Millions For Speculated Upcoming Podcast, According To Reports


Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Set To Receive Millions For Speculated Upcoming Podcast, According To Reports

Would you be interested in listening to a podcast hosted by Wendy Williams?

Wendy Williams, 57, may seemingly be down right now but she’s definitely not out for the count! Media personality Al Reynolds, 53, recently shared claims that Wendy Williams is in talks to land her own multi-million dollar podcast. While chatting about what’s next for the famous host, he said,

“The word on the street – now these are the deep deep streets – says that Wendy is working on a multi-million dollar podcast deal.”

He continued,

“Now, we know that Spotify gave Joe Rogan $100 million [for his podcast]. So – everybody know that you heard it first right here on Fox Soul, that I think that Wendy Williams is up to something and that’s why she’s not posting or anything. I think this is a lead-up to a bigger announcement that we’re going to see coming down the pipe on her newfound home.”

As previously reported, it was confirmed earlier this week Wendy Williams’ talk show would indefinitely be ending soon, and Sherri Shepherd would replace that time slot with her own talk show, launching in the fall. Wendy, unfortunately, hasn’t appeared on her show since the start of the current 13th season due to health issues. Wendy has yet to confirm reports about an upcoming podcast or speak in-depth about her career plans following the end of her talk show.

Wendy Williams

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel