DaBaby Gets Pushed Away By A Fan After Trying To Kiss Her On The Lips [VIDEO]


DaBaby Gets Pushed Away By A Fan After Trying To Kiss Her On The Lips [VIDEO]

Rejection is something that everyone has to deal with, including rap star DaBaby!

DaBaby, real name Jonathan Kirk, was recently turned down by a fan after he seemingly tried to kiss her on the lips. On Thursday (April 7), a video surfaced online of North Carolina native DaBaby showing love to a group of female fans outside a venue in Las Vegas. In the clip, DaBaby can be seen grabbing a young woman’s head within the group, then leaning in for a smooch on the mouth. However, the unnamed woman wasn’t here for it and appears to try and pull away from the entertainer. But despite the woman resisting DaBaby’s advances, the video shows him leaning in for a second attempt to kiss his fan, which she rejected again. 

Following the video circulating across multiple social media platforms, people began to chime in on the questionable interaction. Some wondered if the “Bop” rapper was under the influence, while others found the moment to be embarrassing or hilarious.



DaBaby has since taken to his Instagram account to respond to the now-viral video. He shared a clip of the awkward exchange via his IG stories and captioned the post, 

“Y’all Go head on man. Me & my booboos love each other to death but ain’t no kissin goin on.” 

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely