Jesse Williams Shares He Was ‘Terrified’ To Be Nude During Debut Broadway Performance

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Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams Shares He Was ‘Terrified’ To Be Nude During Debut Broadway Performance

Looks like Jesse Williams had to bare it all during his very first Broadway theater production.

Jesse Williams is extending his acting talents beyond TV and film. The 41-year-old star recently made his Broadway debut in the play “Take Me Out,” a revival of the 2002 Richard Greenberg play that tells the story of Darren Lemming, a baseball player who comes out as gay.

During a post-performance interview, Jesse Williams dished on a scene in the play that required him to get naked on stage. He said:

“I was terrified….but then I noted that – that was what I asked God for. I asked to be terrified.”

He continued:

“I asked to do something that was scary and challenging and made me earn it and made me feel alive and not comfortable.”


While discussing the slight nervousness surrounding his debut stage performance, Jesse stated:

“Honestly, I just make that excitement. I don’t let it settle. I know it’s going to be fine. I just have to believe that and lean forward….Having said that, I’m incredibly humble about the whole thing. I have no business being here. I’ve never done this before.”

Jesse Williams

As previously reported, Jesse announced he was leaving Shonda Rhimes’ hit ABC series “Grey’s Anatomy” after 12 seasons back in May of 2021. However, it seems attending his new Broadway performances will greatly make up for it. Sources say it isn’t lacking!

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Authored by: Kay Johnson