Gypsy Rose Blanchard Wants Estranged Husband To Pay Spousal Support + Seeks Temporary Restraining Order Amid Divorce

Gypsy Rose Blanchard Wants Estranged Husband To Pay Spousal Support + Seeks Temporary Restraining Order Amid Divorce

Internet star Gypsy Rose Blanchard has made her divorce demands and wants the public to know how things play out.

According to reports, the 32-year-old’s separation documents recently surfaced, revealing her request for spousal support, among other things.

As we recently covered, Gypsy Rose Blanchard announced a couple of weeks ago that she was filing to divorce her husband Ryan Anderson after a year of marriage. In her separation filing, the convict-turned-celebrity reportedly requested to be paid short and long-term spousal support. Reversely, Gypsy Rose Blanchard requested that Ryan Anderson is not awarded any alimony from her end. She reportedly argued that his “smothering” actions ultimately pushed the couple to divorce and that he isn’t entitled to any money from her because of that.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard, Ryan Anderson

Blanchard also wrote that she plans to live separately from Ryan Anderson for the next 180 days without reconciliation, a legal requirement for divorce. Elsewhere in the filing, the media personality requested that the presiding court judge keep the case unsealed. While it’s unspecified whether or not Anderson himself motioned to have the documents kept from the public, it seems Blanchard is adamant about keeping things in the open.

Additionally, reports claim she filed for a temporary restraining order against her ex.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard

Along with feeling stifled by her marriage, Blanchard also credited regular arguments with Anderson as the reason she’s ending the relationship. However, one report notes that since her split, she’s been spotted hanging out quite intimately with her ex-fiance Ken Urker. The pair reportedly hung out in New Orleans together where they were photographed holding hands. They also reportedly showed off matching tattoos later on social media.

Ken Urker, Gypsy Rose Blanchard

At this time, the official status of Blanchard and Ken Urker’s relationship is unclear. Anderson has chosen to mostly remain quiet about the split, only suggesting that eventually, the entire thing will play out on TV.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson