Chris Brown Responds To A Woman Claiming He Told Her “Get The F***k Out” After Refusing Sex: “Shawty Fried”

Chris Brown, Giavanna

Chris Brown Responds To A Woman Claiming He Told Her “Get The F***k Out” After Refusing Sex: “Shawty Fried”

It’s safe to say Chris Brown means what he says and says what he means.

That was confirmed in a recent interview that featured one of the musicians producers, as well as a woman who says she once “chilled” with the “Loyal” singer. In a clip from an upcoming episode of the We In Miami podcast, Miami singer Giavanna called out R&B artist Chris Brown, 33, for allegedly kicking her out after refusing sex.

Following the show’s host questioning how many women CB’s producer thinks the singer has slept with, Giavanna interjects:

 “I ain’t go lie….I’m not cool with him.”

She continues:

“I chilled with him once….he tried me….He just kinda said like ”B*tch if you ain’t f*cking or s*cking, get the f*ck out.'”

Captioned on the short clip posted to the shows Instagram account, We In Miami says that CB’s producer confirmed the supposed behavior. After hearing Giavanna’s story, the producer states:

“A lot of people think the lyrics in the song are fake….When you’re talking about Chris Brown, Future Gunna, Young Thug, they’re telling the truth my n***a”

He continued:

“When they say, if you ain’t freakin we ain’t speaking that’s real….I’ve had girls removed from a party because they lied to me and said they was ‘DTF’, then when they get to the f***ing party where all the celebrities at they wanted to act regular…I’m like security can you tell them to leave.”

Chris Brown

However, even if this is a regular occurrence at celebrity parties, it seems CB doesn’t recall the experience at all. In response to the increasingly viral clip, the “No Guidance” singer reposted the video with hat and clown emojis, captioning the post:

“Shawty fried…These are the type females that I would never smash….Chilled with Chris????….Sounds like I wasn’t interested so she had to settle for one of the homies”

Just a dew days ago, CB softened the hearts of social media users after congratulating his former fling Rihanna on the birth of her son with boyfriend A$AP Rocky. The two briefly dated back in 2008, prior to Chris assaulting Rihanna after a verbal altercation at the 2009 Grammy’s.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson