Kevin Gates Spotted W/ ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star JoJo Zarur Amid Split From Dreka Gates 

Kevin Gates Spotted W/ ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star JoJo Zarur Amid Split From Dreka Gates 


Has Kevin Gates moved on from his ex Dreka Gates?

Social media went into a frenzy after fans spotted Kevin Gates having dinner in New York City with “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” star JoJo Zarur following his split from his wife Dreka Gates. On Tuesday (June 7), Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates and JoJo Zarur were seen publicly for the first time. Kevin Gates, 36, didn’t care to hide his dinner date with JoJo Zarur, 30, and went live on Instagram with the fashionista. 

After dinner, the speculated new couple were spotted holding hands in the streets of New York City as the rapper stopped to take photos with fans.

The pair hasn’t confirmed the relationship. However, fans seem to read right through them:

JoJo addressed rumors about herself and Kevin Gates after they were seen publicly. She shared a video to her Instagram of Gates letting fans know not to play with his loved ones.

Gates said:

“I just wanted to make this post. I’ve been being real positive with you guys, you know what I’m saying? Like I said I’m not speaking on my behalf, but I’ve been being real positive with you guys, and I just want you to know one thing–”

Gates continued:

“I’m not none of these other ol’ p*ssy *ss rappers, that walk around with security, b*tch *ss n*gg*s. If yall play with anything I love, I’m letting you know now –”

Gates added:

“I hope everyone hears me. I’m ready to do a life sentence. I love you all. Ya’ll have a beautiful day. Cause b*tch, you gotta kill me.”

JoJo reposted the video to her Instagram captioning it “play with me if you want to,” with a blushing emoji.

Gates has been married since October 2015 (after being in a relationship 12 years prior) to his high school sweetheart Dreka Gates. The alleged ex-couple share two children together, Khaza Kamil Gates and Islah Koren Gates.

In 2020, Dreka Gates reflected on her partnership with the rapper over the years on their celebration for their 17th anniversary:

“Happy anniversary bae-bee! 17 years together, 5 years of marriage, and 2 little people later…I’m still proud and happy to call you my husband and best friend. I’m not going to pour my heart out to you on here, because you already know what it is between you and I. I love you so much and I’m excited & ready to continue this journey that we’re on together.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill