Yung Miami Says ‘Y’all B*tches Is Baby Mamas!’ As She Reacts To Unsolicited Relationship Advice After Opening Up About Dating Diddy

Yung Miami, Diddy

Yung Miami Says ‘Y’all B*tches Is Baby Mamas!’ As She Reacts To Unsolicited Relationship Advice After Opening Up About Dating Diddy

City Girls member Yung Miami is not here for people advising her about her love life.

The rap star took to instagram recently with a few choice words for those in her comments section, giving unsolicited advice about her situationship with hip-hop icon Diddy. Yung Miami, born Caresha Brownlee, 28, stated a few days ago that her and Bad Boy records founder Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, 52, “go together real bad”.

After the clip went viral, many users decided to remind the Miami native of Diddy’s playboy past. The mega producer famously dated model and singer Cassie for a decade, allegedly cheating throughout the entire relationship before the two split back in 2018.

Cassie, Diddy (circa 2017)

Additionally, the Ciroq owner has been very transparent about his regrets surrounding his children’s mother Kim Porter. Diddy dated the model/actress for years, and stated that he wished he married Kim before her untimely passing in 2018. The two share three children together, Christian ‘King’ Combs, 24, and twin daughters Jessie James, 15, and D’Lila Star, 15.

Kim with her children and Diddy Mother’s Day circa 2015

In response to critiques of her new public fling with Diddy, Yung Miami stated:

“Y’all always in the comments saying don’t do this and don’t….Don’t tell me what the f**k to do cause I’m living my best motherf****ing life I don’t need no relationship advice from nobody,”

Diddy & Yung Miami

She continued:

“Y’all b****es ain’t married neither….I don’t need relationship advice from nobody on the internet….I’m good I’m having a good time….y’all b****es is baby mama’s, shut the f**k up.”

Yung Miami has made it clear that when it comes to the situation with her “billionaire d**k” boo Diddy, as she called him, she’s ready for whatever smoke. The “Jobs” artist feuded with Diddy’s former partner Gina V, claiming that Gina was begging for some attention. Both exchanged heated social media words after the new artist posted a pic of Diddy kissing her on the cheek.

Diddy, Gina

Miami continued her instagram rant, clarifying that despite what internet users believe, she receives nothing less than “princess treatment”. She stated:

“Ain’t no n***a walking me, ain’t no n***a treating me no type of way b***h I get princess treatment….y’all always got something to say….I don’t need y’all to tell me what to do.”

Before wrapping up with:

“Y’all h**s ain’t married. Y’all getting cheating on, man in the club every night….While I’m at work having fun doing me. I don’t need no relationship advice. I’m good baby.”

Do you agree with Yung Miami that people shouldn’t be giving her relationship advice? Tell us in the comments! 


Authored by: Kay Johnson