Kandi Burruss & Muni Long Admit They Have Had Their Songs Stolen By Industry People “Several Times”

Kandi Burruss, Muni Long

Kandi Burruss & Muni Long Admit They Have Had Their Songs Stolen By Industry People “Several Times”

Fellow singer/songwriters Muni Long and Kandi Burruss recently went live and discussed their experience in the music industry.

During the video session, the two musicians gushed over one another and swapped stories about their personal journeys as hired songwriters. Xscape member Kandi Burruss, 46, who has been releasing music professionally since 1993, shared one specific instance where she wrote a song and then had most of her credit taken away.

Speaking to Muni Long – real name Priscilla Hamilton, 33, Kandi stated:

“One time I had wrote for this production….and the session went good but I had to leave right. And I think the only thing that I didn’t finish was probably a little bit of something on the bridge or something like that, barely nothing ”

And continued:

“A year later, two years later, they ended up placing the song on an artist right. Then they came back telling me that I was only getting like 5% or 10% of the song cause they said that I left and they didn’t really keep what I wrote on the song, they ended up changing the song or whatever….I was like I definitely believe I wrote all of that.”


Kandi went on to explain that the lag between writing the song and it being recorded made it hard to prove her point. However, the RHOA castmate says months later, she was able to confirm what she believed to be true, stating:

“Like 6 months later I find my notepad. ALL THE WORDS that the person said on the song is in my notepad. So please explain to me how I left and you changed it, but all that stuff is right here?!”

It seems the unfortunate situation may happen all too often in the industry. Muni quickly related to Kandi’s story, responding with:

“I’ve had that happen to me several times.”

The “Pain” artist continued, detailing how she was able to come to terms with what was happening instead of letting the vile moment defeat her. Muni stated:

“I used to argue it down to the ground. But then I came up with – in my mind, that I don’t fight over crumbs, cause I can do it again.”

Muni Long

And again she certainly has! Since becoming a breakout solo artist, the “Hrs & Hrs” songstress has continued growing her list of writing credits. Before notariety, Muni had written for big named artists such as Rihanna, Chris Brown, Mary J Blige, and Ariana Grande. The singer was recently featured on a John Legend song, and not long ago, released her own single “Baby Boo” feat. Saweetie.

Rapping up the topic, Muni gave a quick uplifting message to anyone trying to make it in the industry. Warning viewers to be weary, while simultaneously affirming the power of remaining in good spirits, she stated:

“I’ve definitely got taken advantage of my fair share – more than, you know my 10 fingers….and those people are nowhere to be found….and I’m still continuing.”

Then continued:

“In order to really be successful you gotta take a few licks on the chin….A lot of people won’t make it that far because they get hit one time and quit…. If you really want to be successful, you gotta keep getting back up.”

Before ending with:

“You have to want what you want, more than you want to quit…You just can’t quit.”

To which Kandi vehemently agreed, and so do we!

Can you relate to Muni Long’s advice about not quitting? Tell us in the comments! 

Authored by: Kay Johnson