Singer Muni Long Says Some Songwriters Get Treated Like Sh*t: You Are The Help & You Have To Be Okay With That [VIDEO]

Muni Long

Singer Muni Long Says Some Songwriters Get Treated Like Sh*t: You Are The Help & You Have To Be Okay With That [VIDEO]

“Hrs and Hrs” singer/songwriter Muni Long is not holding back as she speaks out for other fellow creatives in the music business.

Muni Long, 33, recently made bold claims that initiated a conversation surrounding the way songwriters are treated in the music industry. During a interview with Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club,” Muni Long says as the role of a songwriter, you can’t outshine artists by looking better or singing better. While speaking on being a songwriter, Muni admits to the show’s co-hosts,

“You are the help and you have to be okay with that.” 

Co-host Charlamagne tha God immediately responded,

“Wow. I would think artists would treat songwriters with the upmost respect.” 

After the shocking claim, Muni continued to provide further details on the unfair treatment songwriters encounter from artists. She shared,

“I literally just said that the other day. I’m like, I don’t understand why, especially today — when great songs are in such short supply, everybody’s asking me to write for them, still. I quit. I don’t do that no more. But, I don’t understand why they’re not besties with a songwriter or sending them flowers or you know like, reaching out to them, inviting them to dinner. There’s so many talented creatives and they just get, they really do get treated like sh*t.” 

The show hosts and Muni then discussed artists starting off as songwriters, and what eventually leads to them getting their big break. During the exchange, Muni admits there’s a lot of psychological grooming placed on songwriters in the industry so they’re able to stay where they’re needed — including working without pay. She continued,

“In the business, there’s so much grooming that happens, psychological just breaking you down. They want you to stay in this place so that you’re malleable, they can get you to come and do whatever they need you to do, not pay you, not feed you.” 

Co-host Angela Yee followed up with mentioning other singer/songwriters that may face similar frustrations as Muni, born Priscilla Renea. The radio personality noted that it’s not easy to write for other people in addition to working on their own craft. Muni continued and added another shocking reveal. She said,

“I dedicated 10 years of my life to helping other people build their dreams and when it was my turn — when I was like ‘Okay, I had enough of that. It’s my turn.’ Nobody, none of the people. Some of them didn’t even answer my phone call. So I was just like, that’s why I have the energy that I have.”

Check out the clip of the interview below.

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely