Miguel – TikTok User Shares Her Disappointing Experience Meeting Singer: He Was So Mean That I Cried When I Got Home [VIDEO]


Miguel – TikTok User Shares Her Disappointing Experience Meeting Singer: He Was So Mean That I Cried When I Got Home [VIDEO]

Singer/songwriter Miguel has been called out by a fan online about an upsetting interaction that took place ten years ago.

Recently, a TikToker went viral after sharing her experience meeting R&B singer Miguel at a club for his wife’s, Nazanin Mandi, birthday celebration.

Nazanin Mandi, Miguel

The content creator said she was testing out a popular trend on the social media platform. She decided to test the trending sound “Adorn” by Miguel, although she considers the Grammy-winning song to be “traumatizing” and “cringe.” The TikToker wrote:

“Testing this trending sound even though it’s traumatizing because when I met Miguel he was so mean that I cried when I got home.”

Other social media users reacted to the circulating clip and inquired for more information. The woman then shared another video explaining what took place during her encounter with the “All I Want Is You” singer. As a disclaimer, she captioned the post:

“disclaimer: Please don’t tag, bully or harass him. That’s not at all what I’m about!”

According to the woman, the questionable interaction took place when his single “Adorn” was released in 2012, a big hit at the time for the California native. She walked up to Miguel’s section at the club with her camera out ready to meet and take a picture with the 36-year-old artist. She said:

“[And] I just motioned to get his attention and he looked at me with so much disgust that I thought I was misreading something because I’ve never had someone look at me like that even since.”


She continued:

“[And] So I gathered myself and I was like ‘Okay let me just like try to motion for the camera so he understands that like we actually came to see them.’”

The fan went on to explain that she tried to direct his attention to the camera, but Miguel waved her off and turned his back to her. While uncomfortable, she said that she made eye contact with Miguel’s wife, Nazanin Mandi, 35, for help. She said that Nazanin Mandi laughed and continued to dance.

The user added:

“[And] I was pretty much just like devastated ‘cause I was a huge fan. I had assumed like I said ‘cause they said come out they posted a flyer etc. that it would be okay to go and approach them. And so that’s why I cried.”


Reply to @dwellsgardiner disclaimer: Please don’t tag, bully or harass him. ?? Thats not at all what I’m about!

? original sound – Francesca • one girl one world

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely